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Fortnite, LEGO announces survival crafting game

Lego and Fortnite have announced a collaboration that will bring a new survival crafting mode to the popular battle royale game and 1200 skins of existing characters with Lego versions. The mode, LEGO Fortnite, will allow players to build structures, weapons, and vehicles using Lego bricks and explore a Lego-themed map. It will launch on December 7, 2023.

The duo first announced a major and long-lasting gaming partnership in April 2022. They promised to share their vast knowledge and skills to create a “metaverse” that is suitable for children. Now, while the reveal trailer for the new mode doesn’t show much content apart from the release date, one can notice the Supply Llama and Brite Bomber characters in the form of LEGOs.

However, LEGO confirmed that the mode will feature a creative mode, where players can design and explore their own LEGO Fortnite worlds and share them with others. The crossover experience will be available inside Fortnite and is rated E10+.

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Also, the battle royale game further announced that with the game’s v28.00 update, over 1,200 outfits are getting a LEGO Style in addition to their regular Style. LEGO Styles are playable in upcoming LEGO experiences inside Fortnite, including the survival crafting adventure LEGO Fortnite

LEGO Styles for Outfits you own will automatically be in your Locker at no additional cost. The same applies to several existing Emotes you can use with the LEGO Styles of your Outfits. To find Outfits with LEGO Style, you can check the Outfit’s detail page when browsing the Shop or your Locker. Further, Fortnite says that new LEGO Styles will be added periodically and will be visible in the locker once they are available.

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