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GTA 6 Leak Shows Skyscrapers of Vice City ahead of official trailer launch

A potential GTA 6 leak has revealed some massive details, right before the trailer is set to drop on Tuesday, December 5.

Rockstar Games confirmed to the world that it will be dropping the GTA 6 trailer on December 5, 9AM ET (7:30 PM IST) and the fans of the Grand Theft Auto franchise have been hyped ever since. As it’s a much-anticipated title, the leaks will surely follow. After the massive leak back in 2022, the second major leak now also gives us our potential first look at the gameplay footage of GTA 6.

Interestingly, rumours abound to suggest that the leaks come from the son of Aaron Garbut, one of the top names at Rockstar North, who serves as a developer at the game studio and is involved in the GTA 6 development. The footage, as reported by Eurogamer, came from a TikTok account named azarossi. It contained the Miami skyline and its surroundings, such as some of the buildings, with the user appearing to be in developer mode.

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The individual asserting leaked information purportedly identified with the head of development at Rockstar North, Aaron Garbut. He shared a blurred photo alongside Garbut before his account mysteriously disappeared. The alleged take-down of the account hints towards the legitimacy of the leak. Moreover, the leak corroborates the one that took place last year in September 2022, which also showed some areas in the map of the game.

Aside from that, some of his conversations with one of the individuals interested in knowing the specifics are also making rounds on X. According to those conversations, the Map inside the game will be twice the size of GTA 5’s Los Santos. Further, it will contain 3 major cities and 4 sub-cities with a large lake around the middle of the map.

He says he shared the leak before the trailer launch as it would be useless to post it afterwards. He claims that 70% of buildings will be enterable and the title’s launch will take place in the fall of 2024. Lastly, he said the pre-orders would go live after the trailer.

It is still unclear whether the latest GTA 6 leak is true, but the deletion of the user’s TikTok account and some details matching the 2022 leak do spark an idea that it is, indeed, legitimate. A lot should be revealed through the trailer, the teaser for which apparently also teases a Miami setting with palm trees and sunset along with three birds in the sky. Before the trailer launch, look at what else you can expect from GTA 6.

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