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PUBG coming back to India on Microsoft Azure?

PUBG's parent company, the south korean firm named Krafton Inc. has made a deal with Microsoft's Azure Platform to host the game on its servers.

The parent company of PUBG, Krafton Inc. has yet made another deal with Microsoft that will enable them to host the game and its data on Microsoft’s Azure Platform. With this move, it seems like data privacy is what the company cares about the most at this point of time.

What is Microsoft Azure?

The Microsoft Azure platform is a collective platform consisting of 200 products along with public cloud services for data hosting. Azure, like other cloud platforms, relies on a technology known as virtualization.

Microsoft Azure is famous for its security measures and the way the cloud platform implements it. This might be the sole reason why PUBG Corp wants to host their game on Azure’s servers.

What does it mean for the game’s future in India?

PUBG recently announced that starting from 30th October,the game’s servers will stop working in India as it was still playable with the help of APK files provided by the company. But with this deal, the company might be plotting its return in India, as one of the recent news suggested the same.

As per a report, PUBG has also informed some high profile streamers in the country about its comeback in the country, which could be possible before the end of this year. It also plans to run a marketing campaign in the country during the festival of Diwali.

However, PUBG has not revealed anything about its plans for Indian Gaming market after the deal was made but considering that user data and privacy are the only concerns of the Indian government because of which the game got banned in India 2 months ago, this deal might prove to be the one that the game has been looking for. It could very well decide the fate of PUBG in India.

PUBG was banned in India in the beginning of September. Though it was still playable until 30th October. The company was reportedly in talks with Airtel and Jio for the publishing rights of the game. It even cut its ties with Tencent which was a china-based publisher of the game prior to the ban.


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