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Google: Android Essential for AI Development in ChromeOS

Google has announced that it needs to integrate portions of Android technology in ChromeOS to continue AI development for the operating system.

ChromeOS is Google’s competitor for Windows and macOS and with the world rapidly moving towards adopting AI, it’s time Google has to integrate some features into ChromeOS too, apart from the Gemini support. The company has now confirmed that to continue the development of AI in ChromeOS, it needs to adopt and integrate technology in the operating system.

Through a blog post, Google confirmed that to “continue rolling out new Google AI features to users at a faster and even larger scale, we’ll be embracing portions of the Android stack, like the Android Linux kernel and Android frameworks, as part of the foundation of ChromeOS.” It asserts that it already has a strong history of collaboration, with Android apps available on ChromeOS and the start of unifying our Bluetooth stacks as of ChromeOS 122.

Integrating the Android-based tech stack into ChromeOS will essentially allow Google to accelerate AI innovation within ChromeOS, streamline engineering efforts, and enhance compatibility between devices like phones and accessories with Chromebooks. Simultaneously, Google will also maintain security, consistent user experience, and robust management features that are vital for ChromeOS users, enterprises, and schools.

The company further notes that these improvements in the tech stack are now starting but “won’t be ready for consumers for quite some time.” Google will provide a seamless transition to the updated experience once it’s ready.

Google has recently been focusing significant attention on ChromeOS. It recently announced that the company has acquired software virtualization company Cameyo, which will help it integrate virtualized Windows App support into ChromeOS. In addition, it also announced Gemini integration into Chromebook Plus laptops, too. The integration allows for features like “Help me write”, where one can right click to get suggestions or change the tone to fit one’s audience. Help me write will help you generate text from scratch using a prompt or you can rewrite your existing text to make what you wrote more formal, shorter, or rephrase it altogether.

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