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Here’s How Google Plans To Run Windows Apps On ChromeOS

Google is planning to enable Windows apps support on ChromeOS through the Virtual App Delivery method.

While ChromeOS is essentially a competitor to Microsoft’s Windows, there are still thousands of apps that natively run better on the latter operating system. In a bid to bring Windows apps support on ChromeOS, Google has acquired software virtualization company Cameyo, which will help it integrate virtualized Windows support into ChromeOS.

Google has already worked with Cameyo in the past, specifically last year where it delivered virtual application experience integrated into ChromeOS for legacy Windows desktop apps.

They are basically turned into Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) which local file system integration that helps these apps access local files/folders on ChromeOS, while there’s full clipboard support present as well. These apps can also be set to open specific file types automatically on ChromeOS.

Windows apps on chromeOS

”This collaboration with Cameyo has proven incredibly successful in helping organizations transition away from cumbersome legacy applications, improving security and productivity,” says Google.

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ChromeOS users will now have greater access to their critical legacy applications, without the hassle of complex installations or updates. The IT teams will gain more control over application management, reducing security risks and freeing up valuable resources. As per Google, the integration of Cameyo’s technology with ChromeOS will help in simplifying application deployment, enhancing security, improving productivity and reducing IT costs.

”The future of legacy applications on ChromeOS is bright. By combining the power of ChromeOS with Cameyo’s innovative VAD technology, we are empowering businesses to modernize their IT infrastructure while preserving their investments in existing software,” said Google. This acquisition will further help Google encourage consumers to opt for ChromeOS over other competitors as they’ll be able to use all their apps without worrying whether the apps are supported by operating system or not.

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