Corning Gorilla Glass Victus : Top 5 things to know!

By: The Mobile Indian network, New Delhi Last updated : July 30, 2020 11:20 am

Here are some things you should know from Corning's latest offering

Corning has launched its next iteration of Gorilla Glass. The Gorilla Glass Victus. This is the successor to Gorilla Glass 6 and will be launching with the next generation of smartphones. The Victus is a direct upgrade from the Gorilla Glass 6, and according to Corning, is better in every way. Here are some things which you should know about this latest piece of technology.


It can take higher fall damage




The Gorilla Glass Victus has been tested for drops on concrete from a height of 6.5 feet.

Its predecessor had 80% survival chances from a drop of 5 feet, but this time Corning says that the Victus will have a higher survival rate from an even higher altitude.


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It has improved scratch - resistance



Corning had tried out many different compounds on the glass to make it even more scratch-resistance. Due to this, they were able to achieve a score of 8 on the Knoop hardness test. This is a test which measures the durability and the scratch-resistance of the glass.


"Dropped phones can result in broken phones, but as we developed better glasses, phones survived more drops but also showed more visible scratches, which can impact the usability of devices,” Bayne from Corning said. “Instead of our historic approach of asking our technologists to focus on a single goal – making the glass better for either drop or scratch – we asked them to focus on improving both drop and scratch, and they delivered with Gorilla Glass Victus.”


Gorilla Glass Victus can be thinned down


The glass can be thinned down if manufacturers are willing to compromise on durability, Corning said is a statement. This can make smartphones even thinner, and yet provide good enough levels of damage resistance. The thinner version of the Victus can provide durability to the levels of Gorilla Glass 5.


It can be manufactured at no extra cost



Corning said that to manufacture the Gorilla Glass Victus they don't need to introduce many changes to their production. This means that the glass can be manufactured without any extra cost. They have made some minor adjustments to the process, however, the overall method remains the same.


When is it coming?



The Gorilla Glass Victus is reportedly coming with the Galaxy 20 series from Samsung. This can help Samsung boost its sales by capitalizing on the newer glass. Phones after the Galaxy 20 series should come with the Victus as the glass isn't expensive as mentioned above.

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