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Whirlpool launches 4 door refrigerators

Whirlpool has launched W series range of refrigerators in India. They are available exclusively for purchase at the company's website.

Whirlpool India has launched the W Series range of Premium 4 Door refrigerators in India. The series starts at Rs 167,600. They are available exclusively for purchase at the company’s website.

Whirlpool W series range features

Its large 665L storage space combined with the Quattro (4-Door) format provides ample space for your refrigeration needs. In addition, the spacious refrigerators are equipped with adaptive intelligence technology and triple cooling technology. This ensures optimum cooling and long-lasting freshness at all times.

The refrigerators offer unique features like pull-out shelves, easy access trays and double crispers for fruits and vegetables. Its 6-in-1 convertible modes, door-in-door feature with ice and water dispenser, coupled with an intuitive display, unique metallic interiors and special lighting system.

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Whirlpool W series range is power-packed with the following features –

The advanced refrigeration technology

The ultimate refrigeration technology senses adapt and controls for long-lasting freshness, ensuring enhanced food preservation with a set of smart sensors and intuitive functionalities that create the optimal environment for food and provides long-lasting freshness.

  • ADAPTIVE INTELLIGENCE TECHNOLOGY- It constantly detects temperature and humidity variations and quickly restores their ideal levels for optimal food preservation
  • TRIPLE COOLING SYSTEM – Three independent cooling systems to create customised temperature and humidity in the three compartments (fridge, freezer and Convertible Space) to prevent odor mixing and keep food fresh for longer
  • OZONIZER – An ozone emitter able to reduce odors and preventing bacteria forming inside the cavity, improving hygiene and food freshness inside the fridge
  • FASTFREEZE – A smart button to accelerate the freezing process to deep freeze food quicker preserving its nutritional value.

With the new W Series 4 Door refrigerators users can enjoy numerous features that make storing easy and seamless.

  • DOOR IN DOOR – Easy access to drinks and snacks in one click without having to open the main door, thereby limiting the loss of cold air.
  • WATER & ICE DISPENSER – It needs just a click to access the ice container and get more 1.5 kg of ice cubes per day or crushed ice, as preferred. The in-door ice maker is a space saver, has a compact design and allows for increased available space inside the fridge.

The exterior and interior of the refrigerator have been crafted with product design. The spectacular black fibre finish gives a clean and elegant look to the refrigerators.

  • INTUITIVE DISPLAYS – It comes with high-definition feather touch UI that allows to interact with the fridge quickly and effortlessly
  • FLAWLESS INTEGRATED HANDLES – An ergonomic design for user friendly experience
  • REFINED DESIGN & INTERIORS – The elegant platina interior, exclusive dark metal appearance in the Black Fibre model, with a special lighting system that turns on gently as the door is opened making the refrigerator look more stylish

The new W Series 4 Door refrigerators feature an exclusive Convertible Space. This customizable concept allows one to create the perfect environment for every type of food, from hard-frozen food to ice cream or from fish to wine, as per the requirement.

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