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Samsung launches new lineup of Semi-Automatic Washing Machines at starting Rs 15,800

Samsung Washing Machines are available on Samsung’s official online store, Amazon, and Flipkart and across all leading retail stores.

Samsung has today launched its new range of semi-automatic washing machines in India. The machines come equipped with features such as Hexa Storm Pulsator, Magic Filter, Magic Mixer, Auto Restart, Air Turbo Drying System and Rat Protection for an effortless laundry experience. The new line-up comes in two capacity variants—8.5 kg and 7.5 kg with a starting price of Rs 15,800.

The line-up is also 5-star certified by Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). Due to its low power consumption, it lowers harmful CO2 emissions and also brings down your electricity costs, as per the company.

Price, Offers & Warranty

The 8.5 kg variant of the new line-up will be available at a starting price of Rs 17,700. While buying this variant, consumers can avail an additional 5% cashback up to INR 3000. The 7.5 kg variant will be available at a starting price of Rs 15,800.

These are available on Samsung’s official online store Samsung Shop, Amazon, and Flipkart and across all leading retail stores. The new models will now be available in four different suave colours – dark grey, grey, blue and red. Consumers will get a 5-years warranty on motor and 2-years comprehensive product warranty.

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Samsung Semi-Automatic Washing Machine Features

The Hexa Storm Pulsator in the new range creates a powerful and multi-directional water flow with six blades that washes the clothes thoroughly while protecting the fabric from damage. The pulsator has three rollers and two sideboards with a series of ridges to give a gentle scrubbing so that the clothes stay in better condition even after multiple washes.

Further, the new line-up also comes with Magic Mixer feature that dissolves the detergent completely and doesn’t leave any messy residues on the cloth. To use this feature, consumers have to select the Magic Mixer option on the control panel. The Hexa Storm Pulsator then generates a strong water current that efficiently mixes the detergent completely in the water.

The Magic Filter provides powerful filtration to keep spots off your whites and darks and protect your drainage from getting clogged up. The Magic Filter effectively collects the lint, fluff and other residual particles from dirty laundry and keeps the whites and dark fabrics spotlessly clean. Consumers also have option to select a model with two Magic Filters.

Moreover, the non-corrosive and rust-proof body of the latest range makes the washing machine extremely durable. This ensures that consumers do not have to worry about it getting rusty with long-term use. The device also boasts of Air Turbo Drying system to dry the clothes faster by removing excess water.

There is Auto Restart feature as well which allows finishing washing your clothes as soon as possible following a power cut. As soon as your electricity supply is restored, the Auto Restart feature immediately resumes the washing process.

The Air Turbo Drying System feature reduces the drying times by efficiently and quickly removing excess water. The drums in the new washing machine rotate at high speed to extract water out of the clothes while minimizing the drying time.

Lastly, the Rat Protection feature protects your washing machine from rodent damage. Rats can enter through quite small holes and then chew the wiring and insulation, or even get trapped in the drum. So the holes in the plastic base are now smaller size to prevent rats from getting in and causing damage.

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