Panasonic introduces 13 new models of Fully Automated Washing Machines starting at Rs 19,000

By: The Mobile Indian network, New Delhi Last updated : February 07, 2017 4:58 pm

The new series comes with the latest technology combined with user-friendly experience for easy adoption.

Expanding its current lineup of washing machines, Panasonic has today introduced 13 new models of Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing machine series with the name ‘FoamPremia’. The models are available in the capacity from 6.2 kg to 7.5 kg with a starting price of Rs. 19,000. The new series comes with the latest technology combined with user-friendly experience for easy adoption.


As the name suggests, the new ‘FoamPremia’ range of washing machines comes with Active Foam System which helps generate rich foam cascades inside the machine that penetrates to the fabric’s core for a spotlessly clean washing performance. To get rid of all the detergent remains, the new models also come with detergent dissolving mechanism which ensures best wash quality and longevity of clothes life, claims Panasonic. Moreover, the new range of washing machines also come with Stain-Master technology which helps remove the most strong and stubborn stains. It also takes care of delicate garments without any fabric damage and shrinkage.


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To load up large items in big quantities, Panasonic has also given in Easy Wide Opening. For the design, we get a premium looking black panel and a smooth finish common to the entire range of washing machines.


Another new technology that Panasonic claims can help with the overall washing experience, is the Aquabeat technology. The new technology help provides a powerful water flow to knock out dirt ingrained in fibres. Moreover, it is equipped a gently pulsating anti-bacterial Sazanami Drum that treats your fabric with care. The new range of machines also takes care of water and electricity conservation. The Aqua Spin Rinse helps save about 15 percent of water and the Econavi Technology can save about 23% of water and about 25% of electricity.

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