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Apple is ready to switch to Silicon Macs: A worthy move?

Apple is holding a live event today where it will be launching its new Silicon based Macs and will be ditching the Intel processors. But is it a worthy move?

Apple is ready to launch its new Silicon chip Macs at an event today that will be held online and will be live streamed on Apple’s YouTube Channel at 11:30p.m. IST. The new shift from Intel based processors to its own silicon chips is a huge step forward in Apple’s journey.

The new Macbooks will be powered by Apple’s own A-series chips that we already see equipped in the iPhones and iPads. These chips are one of the most powerful in the industry and with the same chips now powering the new Macs, the laptops will be one of the most capable ones available in the market.

Apple already specialises in various products including smart speakers, phones, tablets, PCs, Laptops and the company knows how to optimize its chip for the best performance. The company has already confirmed as the iPhones and iPads will use the same chip, all the apps on the App Store will be downloadable on the new Macs even if the app doesn’t have support for a specific version of MacOS.

The switch from Intel processors will make Apple the only company to have complete control over its operations including software and hardware both. The company already has full control over its supply chain and this move makes things flexible for Apple.

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Flexibility in terms of power and efficiency is what Apple will gain as the company puts its own processor in the Macs. It is the first time the company will be using ARM based chips in its laptops. ARM stands for Advanced RISC Machines and is a CPU architecture that gives life to most of the poweful and modern smartphones and laptops out there.

The company can now have more control over the features it integrates within its Macs including 5G connectivity, as it earlier had to wait before Intel develops the technology efficiently and then had to further optimize it.

Apple is not entirely giving up on Intel as it still has plans to launch products that will be powered by Intel’s processors. Apple also confirms that the migration from Intel to Silicon chips will take around 2 years. Some of the reasons because of which Apple is making a switch might include the lack of Intel’s innovation and perhaps, the californian giant wants to lessen its dependency on other companies.

Apple will still have to face challenges such as to encourage developers to make Mac-optimized apps because even if the iPhone apps are supported by Macs, it has been reported that most of the developers have already given up and don’t want to offer their apps on the Mac App Store and to the users of Silicon based Macs.

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As per reports, Facebook has already chosen not to include its iOS apps on the Mac App Store, such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and the Facebook app itself. There are some other major apps as well that will be missing from the Mac App Store, including Snapchat, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+.

The switch will definitely be an advantage for the users as the leaked benchmarks for the new Silicon based Macs already show higher numbers than Macs with Intel processors. Secondly, the new Macs should also be more well optimized and should allow Apple to scale up its business significantly. The only challenge lies ahead of Apple is how well they price the new Macs and the Application support. Should Apple overcome these, the new Macs will be game changer for the industry.


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