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Android 14 Developer Preview: What’s New and What to Expect

Google has announced the first Developer Preview of 14 and claims that the new improvements in the platform will enhance user experience and developer productivity. Android 14 focuses on supporting various devices and form factors, streamlining background work, and increasing user customization.

Support for foldables

samsung Galaxy Fold 4 design

Android 14 builds on the previous releases to support different screen sizes and foldable devices. In addition, the new version offers tools and guidance to developers for building apps that work well on all Android surfaces, like Samsung Fold. 

Optimizing Background Work

Android 14 aims to optimize how apps work together and improve the system’s performance, battery life, and user experience. The platform introduces updates and new functionality to JobScheduler and Foreground Services. The changes to Foreground Services and JobScheduler make it easier to manage user-initiated data transfers, while new policies from Google Play ensure the appropriate use of these APIs. The platform has also optimized the internal broadcast system to enhance battery life and responsiveness.

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Bigger Fonts

Android 14 continues to empower users by allowing them to tailor their experience to their individual needs. In addition, the new version offers bigger fonts with non-linear scaling and increased accessibility and internationalization features.

Choice of Language

Android 14 makes it easier for developers to allow users to choose their preferred language for individual apps. This feature will allow for A/B experiments and provide updated locales if an uses server-side localization.


Android 14 takes privacy and security seriously and offers several new features to enhance these aspects. For instance, users cannot easily sideload apps that target Android SDK level 22 or lower. Additionally, apps targeting Android 14 must indicate if dynamic Context.registerReceiver() usage should be treated as “exported” or “unexported”. Other security measures include restrictions on sending intents internally, safer dynamic code loading, and improved background processing.


Google typically announces a “platform stability” milestone for Android updates, which lets developers know when Google intends to deliver the final version. This year, platform stability is expected to be reached in June 2023, with several weeks planned before the official release. As a result, the final version of Android 14 is expected to be available in the latter half of 2023.

Android 14 release timeline

Take away

Android 14 claims to offer a range of enhancements and new features to improve the user experience and developer productivity. The first Developer Preview is now available, and the platform will continue to evolve through the release cycle. As of now, developers are encouraged to provide feedback and help make Android a platform that works for everyone.

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