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ChatGPT Pressure Mounts on Google as Bing Steps into the AI-Search Arena

As AI continues to be a hot topic, OpenAI’s ChatGPT has caused a stir in the technology industry. The popular chatbot has not only created a buzz but has also put pressure on tech giant Google to keep up in the AI-search space. This competition has only intensified with the recent announcement of Bing, a new search engine powered by ChatGPT technology aimed directly at Google.

Bard fails to deliver

Google Bard fails

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, recently took a hit with a loss of $100 million in market value after two incidents where Google’s new AI chatbot, Bard, failed to deliver desired results.

In the first incident, according to Reuters, the chatbot was asked to name some of the new discoveries made by the James Webb Space Telescope. In its response, it stated that the telescope took the first pictures of a planet outside our solar system, which was found to be incorrect.

In the second incident, at a press conference in Paris, the presenter could not demonstrate a new Lens feature due to a missing demo phone.

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Google’s Trusted Tester Program

“This incident illustrates the importance of rigorous testing,” said a Google spokesperson in an interview with Verge while responding to the incident. “To ensure Bard’s responses meet a high standard for quality, safety, and grounding in real-world information, we’ll combine external feedback with internal testing.” Google has recently launched its Trusted Tester program, which emphasizes the importance of thorough testing in ensuring the accuracy of AI chatbots like Bard.

Satya Nadella’s view on Google

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, in an interview with The Verge, spoke about the competition in the search market and how it could benefit not only Microsoft but also publishers and advertisers. He acknowledged Google’s dominance in the search engine market but expressed hope that Microsoft’s innovation with ChatGPT technology would prompt the tech giant to respond positively.

Nadella praised Google for its talent and accomplishments, expressing admiration for CEO Sundar Pichai and his team. However, his ultimate goal is to innovate and bring competition to the search market, which he has been working towards for two decades. He believes that when this happens, it will be a great day for everyone involved.

ChatGPT’s popularity and Bing’s entrance into the AI search arena have put pressure on Google to keep up in this ever-evolving field. However, while the tech giant faces challenges, it is important to remember that competition often leads to growth and innovation, benefiting all parties involved.

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