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Top 5 Free Alternatives of Chat GPT

Here’s a list of top 5 Chat GPT alternatives which you can use whenever the bot is down or if you want to try something else.

With AI advancements taking place all over the world and organisations such as Google and Microsoft taking part, AI chatbots are set to become a revolutionary solution to people’s problems. The first notable AI chatbot called Chat GPT by OpenAI, made its way to the public, and since then, it has been asked numerous questions by a large set of population. However, due to such high demand, people are often denied access to Chat GPT and the servers stay overloaded. So, to mellow down your curiosity of using AI chatbots, here we are with the top 5 free alternatives to Chat GPT which you can use whenever you are in need of one:

Character AI

Character AI is one of the unique alternatives to Chat GPT. It is based on neural language models and has been trained to maintain the conversation flow. However, what sets Character AI apart is that users can choose from various notable personalities to interact with instead of a single AI chatbot.

On the homepage, you would be able to choose from anyone from Elon Musk, Tony Stark to Joe Biden and Kanye West. Moreover, it is trained in such a way that it can alter its conversational manner depending on the person you choose.

Character AI also has a microphone input and even talks back in different voices, depending on the character. You can also create a character of your choice. There’s a built-in image generator for avatar creation as well. While Character AI is free to use, you do need to make an account to use it up to its full potential.


YouChat is an AI chatbot that is actually built into a search engine of the same name. It is trained on an upgraded large language ChatGPT model. What makes it better than Chat GPT is that it has access to the internet, which largely expands the scope of the information it can access.

In other words, this means the bot can stay up to date with the latest trends, information and hence, delivers accurate answers not only in chat but in search results too. However, as Chat GPT lacks internet connectivity, it has a limited set of data which it can use to provide you with information. YouChat is completely free to use, so you can just head over to their website and start with your queries.

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Perplexity AI

Trained on OpenAI’s API itself, Perplexity AI is one of the best Chat GPT alternatives as it is also completely free to use and doesn’t even require an account. The Chatbot can have the ability to hold conversations just like Chat GPT. However, unlike ChatGPT, Perplexity shows you the sources from where it procured the info to answer your queries. Apart from that, Perplexity AI can be used to solve the same queries you would go to Chat GPT for.


Dialo has been trained on 147 million multi-turn dialogues from Reddit. The chatbot comes with support for multi-turn responses, meaning it has the ability to remember your previous replies. You can use HuggingFace’s inference API and try it out.

The AI has listed a few prompts you can try out, while you can also make your own ones and have Dialo answer your queries. DialoGPT is free to set up and is mostly suitable for those who want a light-hearted conversation with an AI chatbot.

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Replika is one of the first AI chatbots that ever existed. It is trained on GPT-3 language model that is autoregressive. It focuses more on companionship and relationships rather than providing you with factual answers. Millions of people around the globe have used Replika to develop relationships.

You can create a Replika avatar of your own and talk to her/him. You can talk about your day or discuss your feelings with the bot. As it has access to the internet, it is always up to date with news. It also has features like games and can even video call the AI. You can use this ChatGPT alternative on the web, Android, and devices. However, the bot has a freemium model meaning some of the features are locked behind a paywall, such as feature.

So these were our top 5 Chat GPT alternatives which you can use whenever the bot is down or you feel like using a bot that is different from Chat GPT or serves your needs better.

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