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Android 11 Go Edition will be available starting next month

Android's toned down version, called the Android Go Edition based on Android 11 will be releasing to the eligible phones starting next month.

Google’s latest Android version, Android 11 got released two days back with a host of new features and a overhaul. But it was released for normal smartphones because you might know that Google has created a different version of Android for the lower-end phones, called the Android Go edition.

Android Go is a toned-down version of the full-fledged Android and is mainly optimized for phones having low power, for example, 1.5GB or less RAM.

Android Go first arrived with Android 10 and had a simple name called Android 10 Go Edition. Now, the same is coming forAndroid 11 and is called the Android 11 Go Edition.

The Android 10 Go Edition was made for phones which had 1.5GB or less but with Android 11, this has been increased to 2GB RAM, which means the Android 11 Go Edition is now optimized for phones having 2GB RAM or less.

Google has also told ‘The Verge’, that existing phones having 2GB RAM won’t be updated to Android Go Edition, but only the new phones that are coming with 2GB RAM can be equipped with GO Edition. Also, it is a choice OEMs have to make to load their new phones with Android 11 Go Edition or the previous 10 (GO Edition).

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Android 11 Go Edition will have all the new features of Android 11 and will also include Gesture Navigation which wasn’t available with Android 10 Go Edition. Google has also made claims that the new version of Go Edition will launch apps 20% faster than the previous version of Go Edition.

The new Android 11 Go Edition will be making its way to the new devices starting next month.

The new Android 11 has a bunch of new features such as a new conversations feature where the will detect the notifications from a person that comes through apps, and it will separate those conversations from other notifications.

A new in-built screen recorder will now also be shipping with Android 11. Floating Chat Heads (Bubbles) is another feature that is being introduced.

The Media Player notification UI which appears in your phone while playing a song has also got an overhaul. The design of the notification has changed, and it will now allow you to switch output devices from the notification itself. Also, the notification will now sit the quick-settings panel instead of the Notification area where it earlier used to be.

Android will also now let you grant one-time permission to an instead of granting it the permission permanently. As soon as you are done with the app, Android will revoke the permission automatically. Also, if an app hasn’t been used for a long time in your device, Android will automatically revoke the permissions for the app in the background for privacy concerns.

All of these features will be available in the Go Edition. Android 11 has already been released for a bunch of new devices as a beta version and is already rolling out to many countries except India.

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