Android 11 not coming to Pixel Phones in India yet — Here's Why

By: Mohammed Abubakar, The Mobile Indian, Hyderabad Last updated : September 11, 2020 9:58 am

While people might think that this issue is from Google itself, the issue is due to carriers.

Google released Android's latest iteration Android 11 yesterday and the Pixel users and fans around the world were going bonkers over the update except for the users in India. While people might think that this issue is from Google itself, the issue is due to carriers.


On Google's OTA images page where the download links have been made available, the version notes clearly state that the build is available "for all carriers except IN (India)." A lot of Indian users have already started posting that they haven't received the Android OTA update.



This is not limited to just model but people who own Pixel 2/3/4 have posted the same. It should also be noted that the Indian users who enrolled in Android 11 beta have received a stable update whereas people who didn't have been omitted.


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The Indian Pixel units are currently on the August security patch. It is still not clear why the update hasn't been pushed. Some reports suggest that this might be due to carrier testing as India lacks a carrier model like the US's. It is highly possible that because of carriers in India enabling Wi-Fi calling, extra testing needs to be done to ensure everything works properly.


The Indian Pixel fans were disappointed when Google decided not to launch Pixel 4 in the country due to laws that prohibit the usage of a particular phone's hardware in the country. The Pixel 3a/XL managed to sell well and while the numbers weren't that huge, they were enough to impress Google to launch the Pixel 4a which is coming to India in October.


One of the key reasons why people consider buying Pixel devices is because of timely major and minor updates but, the current situation has frustrated the Indian Pixel users. Hopefully, Google sorts this out and will release Android 11 soon.


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