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Airtel partners with Apollo Hospitals & Cisco to create 5G Connected Ambulance

Airtel has partnered with Cisco and Apollo Hospitals to create a 5G connected ambulance.


  • Airtel partnered with Cisco & Apollo Hospitals
  • Companies have built a 5G connected ambulance
  • 5G Connected Ambulance is equipped with all the latest medical equipment

Airtel has announced that it has partnered with Apollo Hospitals and Cisco to create a 5G Connected Ambulance that transforms access to healthcare and save lives in emergency situations. The demonstration was conducted in Bengaluru over the 5G trial spectrum allotted to Airtel by the Department of Telecom, conveyed the company.

The custom-designed 5G Connected Ambulance is equipped with the latest medical equipment, patient monitoring applications, and telemetry devices that transmit the patient health data to the hospital in real-time. In addition, the low-latency Airtel 5G network will help with the onboard cameras, camera-based Headgear, and Bodycams for paramedic staff. It will be further enabled with technologies like AR/VR.

Airtel also showcased as to how the 5G Connected Ambulance will help in a state of emergency. It will Always be connected to the Hospital. The high-speed, low latency 5G network relays the Geo-location of every Ambulance to the hospital’s command center to ensure the nearest Ambulance reaches the critical patient to save the patient’s Golden hour time.

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Also, Ambulance transmits the patient’s complete telemetry data, including vitals, in real-time to doctors and experts at the hospital. This allows the doctors at ER to make faster decisions and advise the paramedics in ambulance to administer required aid while on the move. It also prepares the hospital staff to better manage the patient on arrival and save precious time.

Further, with real-time camera feed available, the paramedics in ambulance can use the cameras to collaborate with the ER doctors at the hospital who are equipped with technologies like AV/VR to undertake basic procedures, if necessary. The doctors can virtually guide the paramedic to carry out the procedure and save precious lives.

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