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How to use Facebook Messenger Soundmojis?

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use Facebook's new feature

Facebook recently introduced a new feature within its Messenger app called ‘Soundmojis’. The feature enables a sound to be sent along with an emoji. This is being done to provide users with a unique and enhanced experience on Facebook’s app.

There are a bunch of soundmojis available in the app including fart, drums, ghosts, laughing, violin, shock, kisses, and more. The short sound clips will be heard once you send the emoji to someone.

The Soundmojis feature is currently available only in the Facebook Messenger app. The feature hasn’t been made available on the web yet. We have also learned that you will need to be ‘Friends’ with the person on Facebook to whom you want to send the Soundmoji. If you are not friends with them, the Soundmoji icon won’t appear in the Emojis tab.

The social media giant hasn’t provided the ability to create custom soundmojis and users can only select from the pre-built library of soundmojis. Facebook says this library will be regularly updated with sound effects and famous sound bites.

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Facebook hasn’t touched the emojis we already use but has only added the sounds for an elevated experience while chatting. The Soundmojis range from crickets, drumrolls, clappings, and evil laughter, to audio clips coming from artists like Rebecca Black and TV shows and movies including the Fast and Furious 9 film.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use the Facebook Soundmojis feature:

Step 1

Open the Facebook Messenger app and click on the desired chat

Step 2

Facebook Soundmoji Step 2

Now click on the emojis button present in the text input field

Step 3

Facebook Soundmoji Step 3

Now click on the ‘loudspeaker’ icon to head over to the Soundmojis section

Step 4

Soundmojis list

Now you will be able to see a list of soundmojis available. Once you click on them, the sound will be played as a preview.

Step 5

Once you have decided which soundmoji to send, click on the ‘Send’ button below the previewed emoji

This was our guide on how you can use the new feature in the Facebook Messenger app, making the chatting experience a bit more fun than it used to be.


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