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Vapor World: Over The Mind is coming to Xbox Game Pass as a Day One release

Vapor World: Over The Mind has now been confirmed to release next year on Xbox Game Pass as a day 1 release.

Vapor World: Over The Mind, a 2D action-adventure game, is coming to Xbox Game Pass as a day-one release. The game, developed by ALIVE Game Studios, is set in a world where eternal nightmares haunt the inhabitants. The player takes on the role of a boy who is left alone with his lost mind and faces the darkest dreams full of unimaginable dangers.

The game features a unique hand-painted art style contrasting the beautiful and the grotesque. The game’s visuals are inspired by the works of Salvador Dali, Hieronymus Bosch, and Zdzisław Beksiński, among others. The game also boasts a rich and immersive soundtrack that complements the mood and atmosphere of the game.

The game’s narrative is driven by the boy’s memories and emotions, which are revealed through dialogues, notes, and environmental clues. The game explores themes such as loneliness, trauma, guilt, and redemption and challenges the player to question their reality and identity. The game also offers multiple endings depending on the player’s choices and actions.

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Vapor World has received a new trailer confirming it as a day-one release for Xbox Game Pass. It will be joining the ID@Xbox indie publishing program. AGS confirms that it plans to launch the game in Q4 2024. However, an exact date hasn’t been specified as of now.

As of yet, the game is available early access on Steam for PC, and it includes a prologue chapter and two additional episodes, which have approximately a five-hour runtime, according to the developer’s official estimate. The developer will also add a Boss Rush mode and character customization to Vapor World once the game’s Steam and Xbox Game Pass versions are out. Both additions will be free of cost. Lastly, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch versions of the game are also being developed but do not have a launch timeline as of now.

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