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Starfield Beta Update 1.8.83 brings Nvidia DLSS support and more

Bethesda has released a new beta update of Starfield for its PC Steam players and it brings Nvidia DLSS support among other new features and fixes.

Starfield, the highly anticipated sci-fi RPG from Bethesda, has received a new update that adds Nvidia DLSS support and other improvements to the game. The update is currently available as a beta version on Steam for PC, and will be released for Xbox later this month.

DLSS, or Deep Learning Super Sampling, is a technology that uses artificial intelligence to enhance the graphics and performance of games. It allows players to enjoy higher resolutions and frame rates without sacrificing quality. Starfield is one of the latest games to support this feature, which is exclusive to Nvidia GPUs.

The beta update for Starfield also brings other changes and fixes to the game, such as the ability to eat food and drink directly from the environment, without having to add them to the inventory first. This makes the gameplay more immersive and convenient, as players can quickly replenish their health and stamina.

Other improvements include adjustments to stealth, performance, stability, graphics, and user interface. The update also fixes various bugs and glitches that could affect the gameplay, such as missing NPCs, cloaked heads, weapon firing issues, and more. Some of the other fixes include:

  • Addressed an issue with how ambient occlusion appeared in ultrawide resolutions.
  • Optimized initial shader compilation that occurs on start-up.
  • Added the ability to adjust Brightness and Contrast in the Display Settings menu.
  • Added the ability to adjust HDR Brightness provided that the system supports it. (Xbox & Windows 11 only).
  • Addressed a number of materials that could sometimes present an unintended pattern under certain conditions.
  • PC: Fixed an issue where mouse movement could be choppy.
  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause the home ship to be lost.
  • Fixed an issue where the ship services technician might be missing.

Starfield’s latest update is available via Steam in Beta phase and interested players can opt-in to apply the update. The Beta allows Steam PC players to try out our next update for Starfield in a separate Beta version of the game before the update goes live for all players.

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How to join Starfield’s Steam Beta?

  1. Open your steam Library and navigate to Starfield 
  2. Right click on “Starfield” and select “Properties” 
  3. In the new properties pop-up window, select “Betas” 
  4. In the beta drop down to opt into, select “[beta]” 
  5. Wait for to download new build and launch

Bethesda notes that the Starfield Steam Beta is a separate build of the game and will require a separate download. You will be able to continue with your latest save, but saves created in the Beta build will not work in the live game until the update is live.

Starfield was launched earlier this year and received positive reviews from players. The game is set in a vast and detailed open world, where players can explore the galaxy, customize their spaceship, interact with various factions and characters, and shape their own story. The game is available on Xbox Series X|S, Windows 10, and Windows 11, and is also included in the Xbox Game Pass subscription service.

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