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Rocket League to revamp its Play Menu, add new Playlists

Psyonix has announced a major revamp to the Play Menu coming in Season 12 update of Rocket League along with new playlists.

Rocket League, the popular vehicular soccer game, is getting a major update to its Play Menu and Playlists in the next season update. The update, which is set to arrive in early 2024, will bring a new look and feel to the game’s main interface and new modes and features for players to enjoy.

The Play Menu is the main screen in Rocket League, where players can choose what mode they want to play, whether it is online, offline, or custom. It is getting a facelift for the first time since Rocket League became playable for free in 2020. Featuring a new squared-off design, each submenu will have a streamlined layout to help old and new players navigate the Play Menu more easily and quickly.

Rocket league play menu update

Next, Psyonix is changing where some Online Playlists and other modes live with the new Play Menu. It combines Competitive Playlists and Extra Modes Playlists into one new Competitive card, allowing you to queue for up to six different Competitive Playlists simultaneously. Furthermore, as requested by the players, Psyonix will now allow you to queue for modes like 3v3 Standard and 2v2 Hoops simultaneously.

As a result, it will also alternate between Competitive Snow Day and Dropshot each Season. The developers confirm that the next Season will feature Competitive Snow Day, the one after that will include Competitive Dropshot, and so on.

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Additionally, major changes will be intolerable to the Casual card as well, including two new Arcade Playlists. These will rotate weekly through Extra Modes like Heatseeker, Spike Rush, Rocket Labs modes, and more. Dropshot and Snow Day will also appear in the Arcade rotation whenever one is not an active Competitive Playlist.

Alongside these new Playlists, 4v4 mode is evolving into a new Big Party Playlist, rotating weekly between 4v4 Chaos and Knockout. Exhibition Mode, Season Mode, and Workshop Maps will now live in their own Play Offline card, and the new Private Match card contains both Private Match and LAN Match options. The training card has all the same options, just with an updated look.

Lastly, some more changes include:

  • You can join an existing Private Match directly from Training or an Offline Match.
  • Load and launch a different Workshop map when in a Workshop map already.
  • When in a party, you can now see your Rank even when you are not the Party Leader.

Finally, Psyonix confirms that it is “actively working on other quality-of-life improvements that touch on important community-driven topics”, including smurfing and skill placement improvements.

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