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Lies of P: Patch notes for update version detailed

Lies of P developers have released a new update with version that brings new features to the title along with big fixes and adjustments.

Lies of P, the dark and twisted souls-like game from Neowiz and Round 8 Studios, has received a new update that brings several improvements, bug fixes, and new features to the game. The updated version for Lies of P is now available on PlayStation, Steam, and Xbox platforms also.

The update adds some quality-of-life additions to the game, such as a new category in the Costume menu that allows players to equip the “Mask” and “Accessory” together in the Hair section, a new short grey hair option that can be unlocked after completing the game once, subtitle size adjustments, along with new costumes such as:

  • Alchemist’s Hat’
  • ‘Treasure Hunter’s Mask’
  • ‘Treasure Hunter’s Hunting Apparel’
  • ‘Illusory Emerald Glasses’

The new update also fixes some bugs that affected the game’s performance and stability, such as a bug that sometimes caused the character to shoot into the sky while using the Legion Arm ‘Puppet String III – Attack Link’, a bug in which arrows fired from traps could not be guarded, a bug where having the P-Organ ‘Lower Damage while Dodging’ activated and a specific Amulet equipped would trigger the player’s stamina regain earlier than intended, and more.

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The update also makes some balance changes to the game, making it more enjoyable and fair for the players. Some of the balance changes include increased damage for some weapons, decreased delay after an attack and the time to charge a ‘Charge Attack’ for some heavy handles, increased damage buff of ‘Bell of Provocation’ to the player, a more balanced ‘Destruction Damage’ inflicted to monsters by a ‘Perfect Guard’ and much more.

The update version is a major one that aims to improve the overall experience of Lies of P. The game is inspired by the classic tale of Pinocchio, but with a grim and twisted twist that explores the themes of lies, humanity, and survival. The game is available on PlayStation, Steam, and Xbox platforms.

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