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Dying Light 2 Stay Human crossover with For Honor begins today

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is having a crossover event with Ubisoft’s For Honor, and it brings new weapons and characters to the game.

Back in October of this year, game developer Techland revealed a huge content roadmap planned for Dying Light 2 and it included a crossover with Ubisoft’s For Honor. It is a melee action game featuring Vikings, Knights & Samurai. It seems like the crossover event between the two games is now ready to take place.

The details for the crossover between Dying Light 2 and For Honor were shared via an Xbox Wire blog post. Xbox confirmed that For Honor will be the last crossover event for Dying Light 2 for this year. The event will bring some of the iconic weapons and outfits from For Honor to Dying Light 2 Stay Human. The event has gone live today, November 21.

During the event, the warriors from For Honor will invade The City, and players will see a cloud of fog appear from which they will emerge. These warriors can be friendly and will attack zombies or rival factions. Players will be rewarded for killing the Wardens, Kensei and Berserkers that find themselves in Villedor. Each of these factions will have different levels of attacking threat, HP and damage, so each will pose a different challenge.

For defeating 15 For Honor warriors in duels, players will earn the legendary Berserker’s Hand Axe (and blueprint), which heals you when you decapitate an enemy and inflicts a bleeding effect on those who are caught by the blade. Additionally, when you kill a total of 30 For Honor warriors, you’ll get the Berserker outfit and paraglider.

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Finally, killing 5,000,000 of these foes will get everyone the Warlord’s Shield Charm, which will allow you perform actions without consuming stamina immediately after killing an enemy. Then, for those who complete all the goals, they will earn everything that’s available in the Berserker Bundle for absolutely free.

If the players are willing to represent another faction, Techland has prepared two special bundles: the Kensei Bundle and the Warden Bundle. Both feature a unique appearance, weapon (with blueprint), charm and paraglider. You can check them out in the in-game store, accessible via the main menu.

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