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Armored Core 6 Update 1.04.1 released with balance fixes

Armored Core 6 has received its sixth patch since its launch, with the update bearing 1.04.1 version number.

Armored Core 6, the latest instalment in the popular mech action game series by FromSoftware, has received a new regulation update with version 1.04.1 that brings several gameplay balance adjustments. It is the sixth patch the developers have released for the game since its launch in late August.

The update affects various weapon units and frame parts, mainly increasing their performance and reducing their drawbacks. For example, the laser blade and light wave blade weapons have increased cooling and charge attack power, while the napalm bomb launcher and stun bomb launcher have increased total rounds and decreased charge time.

The update also improves the melee and firearm specialisation of some arm parts, as well as the AP, defence, and load limit of some leg parts. The biggest change was applied to the RC-2000 Spring Chicken Reverse Joint, which received buffs for its AP and Load Limit, as well as the defence mechanisms against Kinetic, Energy, and Explosive damage.

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For AS-5000 SALAD, there’s increased Melee Specialisation and decreased EN Load. Melee Specialisation has also been increased for DF-AR-08 TIAN-QIANG, VP-46S, VE-46A, AR-011 MELANDER and more.

The regulation update 1.04.1 for Armored Core 6 is required for online play, and it can be downloaded automatically by setting the game to online mode in the network settings. The update is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam platforms.

Armored Core 6 is the first game in the series to feature cross-play and cross-save functionality, allowing players to enjoy the game with friends across different devices. The game also boasts a robust customisation system, various missions and modes, and a rich story.

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