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Top 5 Robot Vacuum Cleaners Available in India

These robot Vacuum Cleaners can act as alternatives to your maids.

Remember the time when vacuum cleaners were introduced, they were a big hit in the international market and saved people from spending big bucks on maids and tiring themselves out. Although in India, it wasn’t too much of a hype. Even today a common Indian household has maids to do the job, but with these robot vacuum cleaners entering the market, one may buy these because one doesn’t have to go around the house with it and tire oneself out. On a lighter side, these robots also kind of saves your energy that you spend on shouting on your maids for not cleaning that corner of the house. So here goes the list.

iRobot Roomba 650

The iRobot Roomba 650 vacuum cleaner is priced at Rs 36,529 and available both in the online and offline marketplace in India. Generally, if you look at these robot vacuum cleaners, they all look the same, what separates them is their software or technology which controls the behaviour of the robot. This Roomba certainly knows how to use the technology and apply it. It is equipped with smart-room mapping, spiral patterns and random directions which aid in getting the job done. Small infrared beacons protrude from the top the vacuum which also serves as a remote on/off switch.

Controlling it is a child’s play as the controls are pretty basic. Just press the large clean button on top and watch the magic happen. The clean button itself is flanked by Dock and spot buttons, the former orders the robot to go find and mount the charging dock and the latter makes the robot run a tight deep cleaning circle around the current location of the vacuum. The amount of crud the Roomba will pickup under your bed will leave you shocked and in awe. But one advice would be to not to let it go over your expensive rugs and carpets cause it tends to leave a mark so that is one defect. The more stuff lying around the more time it will take.

Exilient ReadyMaid

the Exilient ReadyMaid Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, it is as cheeky as the name sounds. Priced at Rs 17,900 available both in online and offline stores in India. It is intelligent and wireless along with avoiding stairs and falls, cleans various surfaces and disinfects the floor with its UV lamp. Unlike your everyday vacuum cleaners, this robot has a low noise level so you won’t have any trouble while talking to someone on the phone. The robot can perform wet mopping along with the ability to be able to be controlled by a remote. The bombshell of this device is its dustbin capacity of up to 1 litre meaning performing more cleaning and storing more dust at the same time.

Milagrow Aguabot 5.0

Third in the line is the Milagrow Aguabot 5.0, which claims to be India’s first wet and dry floor mopping robotic vacuum cleaner. Priced at Rs 31,990 available both online and offline stores in India. It is equipped with as the company claims the world’s biggest smart mop of 350 x 210mm and is said to fulfil the jobs which all the others fail to do. It comes equipped with a water reservoir and an attachment of the smart mop which is attached at the bottom of the reservoir. It comes with an inbuilt dual suction control allowing the suction power to go up to 45W hence making it the most powerful in the business. In addition to that, the bot gives the consumer an option to choose the turbo suction allowing the removal of tough dirt.

Milagrow Black Cat MGRV002

Milagrow Black Cat MGRV002. Priced at Rs26,990, available both in online and offline stores in India. This vacuum cleaner comes equipped with a 0.38-litre dust bin capacity. It comes with the robotic 6th sense technology and the auto scheduling and auto charging as well. It can work with a variety of cleaning modes and can clean any type of surface. It can even suck up all the animal hairs spread around your house without any hassle.

iClebo Arte

Fifth and finally is the list is iClebo Arte Smart Home/Office Vacuum Cleaner. Priced at Rs31,500, available both in online and offline in India. The basic idea behind the creation of this machine was the desire of combining all the features of various vacuum cleaners into one small machine. This robot makes meticulous movements and is able to make smart movements in the cleaning area with its stable barrier recognition systems. This bot has the ability to clean in tight spaces and corners where your maid will probably make a stupid excuse as to why he/she didn’t clean it. And with the inbuilt IR bumper sensor, it can detect any obstacles that lie in its path.


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