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Top 5 problems you should know about OnePlus 5 before buying it!

If you are looking forward to buying the latest flagship from OnePlus, you need to know these problems and shortcoming of the OnePlus 5.

OnePlus created some great hype around the latest OnePlus 5 smartphone. The phone has been launched in India and it comes in two variants, 6GB RAM priced at Rs 32,999 and 8GB RAM variant comes with a price tag of Rs 37,999. From sending a faulty unit to a user in India to manipulating the benchmark results, the smartphone has been surroundedbynumerous controversies.
The phone is accused of copying the design from the Apple iPhone 7 Plus as well. However, this is not it. Many users are now complaining different issues in the smartphone. So, if you are looking forward to buying the latest flagship from OnePlus, you need to know these problems and shortcoming of the OnePlus 5.
‘Jelly Scrolling’ Issue
To start with, many early adopters are complaining of a strange issue on their new OnePlus 5 described as “jelly scrolling”. Users are reporting this issue on company’s official forums and on Reddit, where whenever they scroll slowly, the text bunches together and stretches when scrolled further. This creates a jelly fish-like movement on the latest flagship device.
There is no explanation for this problem yet; many users point out in the forums that there is a possibility that the screen is mounted upside-down, which is causing this issue. The brand has acknowledged this problem, but it says that this is more or less “natural”. Hopefully, it should be a software glitch, which could be fixed with a small update.
WiFi issue
Many users are complaining that despite connecting their OnePlus 5 with a WiFi network, they are unable to access the internet. Some users say with a recent update the signal bars while using WiFi drop off and then go back up as if the phone is looking for an alternative way to connect to the WiFi network, while other complain that they are not able to use the internet after connecting to a WiFi network.
No Electronic Image Stabilisation (EIS) in 4K videos
There is no electronic image stabilisation in 4K recording option on the OnePlus 5, which results in shaky videos, as reported by various users. This makes the whole recording experience to be pretty frustrating for some, and hopefully, the company will roll out a software update to fix this issue.
Lack of OIS
OnePlus 5 is indeed one of the most expensive smartphones made by the company. The brand had talked length and breadth about the dual-camera setup of the device. However, it has not introduced the optical image stabilisation (OIS) for it. Many other smartphones including the iPhone 7, which is available for purchase for around Rs 41,000 from the online market, sports OIS. Considering the price point, the lack of OIS support does hurt the overall experience of the camera, especially, if you are shooting videos from the OnePlus 5.
No waterproofing
There is no IP certification for the OnePlus, which is not a good thing, especially if you consider the price point. The LG G6, which is now retailing approx. Rs 40,000, and almost other flagship level smartphones now come with IP certification, which makes it water and dust resistant. Even Motorola’s latest offering, the Moto Z2 Play, comes with a splashproof coating, which protects your device from water.
It is manufactured by Oppo!
The OnePlus 5 units sold in India are manufactured by Oppo Mobiles in India, in latter’s manufacturing unit in Uttar Pradesh.According to a report, the retail box of the OnePlus 5 shows that the smartphone is manufactured by OnePlus Mobiles India Private Limited at its Noida-based factory. Interestingly, OnePlus, Oppo and Vivo have the same parent company known as BBK Electronics. Further, OnePlus is said to be a sub-brand of Oppo Mobiles and even its co-founder Pete Lau, was earlier Vice President of Oppo.
This clears some air about Oppo’s connection with OnePlus smartphones. OnePlus shares a deep connection with Oppo when it comes to the design of a smartphone. The first OnePlus was identical to Oppo Find 7, and same is the case of the OnePlus 5. The device has fairly borrowed the design from the recently-launched Oppo R11. What’s more intruding is the fact that both the smartphones feature a similar type of dual-camera setup, which further raises many eyebrows. This is an odd move for a company whose main motto is to “never settle” and still it is settling with a design that is already somebody else’s trademark.

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