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Top 5 must have apps for summer vacation

These applications meant for travelers are more than just emergency tools. They will definitely help maximise your fun while you are on the move during vacations.

Traveling can be classified under two main categories: One is boring business travel, and the other is traveling for fun.

With summer vacations coming up, a lot of families and individuals will be planning their trips. Especially for these people we have a bunch of very useful and must have applications.

These applications work across all smartphone platforms including Apple, BlackBerry, and Symbian.

World Mate

One thing that starts way in advance of the journey is the making of a travel itinerary. Where to go; which route to follow; whether to go by car or bus or plane; where to stay &#151 all this needs to be decided in advance. But if the itinerary is not managed well, all the effort might be in vain.

To simplify the process we have World Mate application, into which the user needs to feed information, and it alerts the user about various events at the right time.

The application also provides in purchase options for travel, stay and other bookings.

It allows users to modify certain details if they wish to extend or shorten their stay, or skip an activity. All these details are synchronised with the online server and can be accessed by the user at any time.

The app keeps track of different time zones that the user is passing through, and updates the listed schedule accordingly.

Trip It

Every time you have to travel to a far off place, you do not need to carry all the print outs, manuals and help guides while sacrificing other precious luggage.

Rather, you can jot everything down and send it to plans@trpit.com before proceeding on your journey.

Trip It maintains your itinerary and provides additional and related information that might help users during their journey.

For example, if you have to catch a flight at 8 AM, the application not only alerts you well before the actual flight schedule; it will also assist you with maps and directions to the airport.

The application and all its services are free of cost.

Google Maps with places

Google Maps, since the day of its launch, has been in the news for its innovative features. The application uses the device’s built in and AGPS technologies to access the user’s location, and it can be used for getting directions to locations nearby. It provides step by step navigation in both drive and walk mode.

Besides, users can access information about places near them, which are categorised by the app under various heads like cafe, hotel, places to see etc.


Wikitude is an augmented reality that scans your surrounding for geo-referenced content using the device’s camera and to display information related to the object on the screen, right where the real object is located.

For example, if you are standing near a monument, all you need to do is start this application and point your phone’s camera at the monument, and this application will present all the related information about it on the smartphone’s screen.

For people who love to explore new places and like to know more about them, this is a must have application that adds a new perspective to what is being seen.

Trip Advisor

The name Trip Advisor is enough to explain everything about this application. For people who are new to a place, Trip Advisor can help by suggesting various places of interest that are selected by other users.

The application can help travelers by narrowing down on the best hotels, places to eat etc. It also has user reviews and opinions shared by previous users about the places they visited.

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