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Top 5 Camera apps for Symbian

Collection of camera apps that will let you make the best of your camera's limited camera capabilities and even pushing the limits.

Owners of Nokia’s Symbian operating system based devices have been enjoying large base of apps even before the organised App Stores came into the picture. Of course there is huge difference in the quality of the applications but then Symbian does do a good job of offering some really nice applications.
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Nokia has provided some good set of devices with commendable camera caliber such as the Nokia N8 and Nokia 808 PureView. Here is a collection of some top camera applications meant for the Symbian for all those who have bought the Anna or Belle running devices.

Nokia Panorama

Usually, Monsoon is a good season to venture into the wild and that is when you will find the urge to capture the natural sceneries in panoramic view. Fortunately, Nokia has developed this Panorama application that allows taking panoramic photographs using a Symbian based mobile phone.
top five apps
The app allows capturing wide-angle high-resolution panoramic photos with the help of superior camera bearing Symbian devices such as Nokia 808 PureView, N8, N95, N82 and couple of others. This app is usable for producing high-quality panoramic images as it automatically captures the image using the camera app. Then it processes the input images and stitches them together smartly to present one final image – all on your device.

This app is available for Symbian S60 3rd/5th Edition and higher update running devices from the Ovi store.


You may get teased by your friends having Android or iOS platform based devices, but no more. Molome is the photo uploading and sharing service that is available for Symbian, Android and even BlackBerry mobile platforms. There is also a large user community that comes along with the Molome app.

Featuring very easy to use and adept design, the Molome app has five major sections – Timeline, Popular, Share, Notifications and Profiles. The Notification Tab shows whether someone has liked your photo or left a comment on it.
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All you have to do is tap on Share button in the bottom in the middle, take a photo, then crop it and apply relevant set of effects on it. Once done, you can always share the final photo to the various social networks such as Twitter, Facebook.

It can be termed as an iteration of Instagram service meant for Symbian devices. You can get the Molome app for free from the Ovi Store.

HDR Photo Camera

The High Dynamic Range photography has picked up momentum amongst the beginners and amateur users of mobile phones recently. The smartphones available today offer limited functionalities to manipulate the settings for getting the best possible image in the most dynamic environments.

The HDR Photo Camera app for the Symbian devices takes three different photos and then gives the best possible photo with High Dynamic Range. Meant entirely for the touchscreen based smartphones, this application essentially takes three images one after the other.
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One of these three images is with lower than usual exposure, second one has higher than usual exposure and the third one is with normal exposure. Then the app makes the best of the special algorithm to take the best elements from all three snapshots and create the one best shot. Of course there are limitations like lack of focusing and the resultant image may not be as much as the resolution the camera can offer.

However, it is great for taking some nice shots and sharing over social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. This application can be purchased for as low as Rs 20 from the Ovi Store.


Not always you happen to carry a magnifying glass in your pocket but you certainly do carry your smartphone around. Magnify is a unique app meant for the Symbian devices that offers magnifying particular area of an object in focus.

When you start this application, and use the camera to focus on the object/text to be magnified, you can see the result on the phone’s display. There are keys on the app interface that will let you zoom in and out to match your requirements. Also you can capture the magnified image using the camera icon and choose the resolution for the resultant image.
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It works great when you have to look at coupons with special conditions, phone balance recharge vouchers, tickets, etc. It is an improved version of the Nokia Magnifier app which his very limited and meant for the Symbian S60 3rd Edition based devices.

The Magnify app costs as low as Rs 10 and is available for Symbian S60 5th Edition devices from Ovi Store.


Out of the several all-in-one camera apps, the Camera Pro is the best choice that offers several features in one package. Promising faster camera and video recording, the CameraPro is available in Touch, non-touch and even optimised for N8 flavours. Count on it to be your advanced camera settings app that will let you make adjustments like manual ISO settings, self-timer, burst shooting, face-detection, etc. This app processes image in the background and also allows uploading the images directly to Flickr, Picasa, Facebook or Twitter.
top five apps
This app offers variety of picture controls, overlays, and camera modes that can be used to manipulate the camera for taking image despite of the limitation the cameras. The CameraPro app is available for as low as Rs 15 from Nokia Ovi store.

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