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Why do we get green screen on phones?

Green screen issue on phones isn’t a very common issue but can render your phone unusable. Here’s why it may be occurring on your phone.

You might have heard of Blue Screen of death (BSOD) on Windows laptops which indicate that your laptop is suffering through a serious issue which kills it while some of your tasks and operations are midway. While this problem isn’t common on smartphones, a similar issue that could sometimes occur is the green screen on phones which might not mean that your device is dead but does give the same sign as BSOD on Windows. So let’s figure out as to why we get green screens on phones.

As mentioned, green screens on phones isn’t a common phenomenon but when it does occur, it could be due to the following reasons:

Software malfunction

A software malfunction, which is most likely to occur after a factory reset or an update, can likely cause the green screen issue on phones. This could happen due to some incomplete processes after the update has been finished or there’s also a possibility that the factory reset process was interrupted midway.

To solve these, you can hard reset your device by going into recovery mode by pressing down the volume down and power buttons simultaneously (this process may differ on the basis of make of the device). You can also try force rebooting your phone by pressing and holding on the power button until the phone turns off.

Software issues

The next reason behind the green screen on phones could be other software issues such as settings under the developer options. These settings are present for developers so they can test their apps better on the operating system in real time.

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These aren’t meant for regular users but if they are messed with, they can render your phone unusable if you don’t know how to reverse them. You can also go to system settings, reset options and reset the system settings so that settings apart from developer options which might be causing the green screen can also get reset to their defaults.

Hardware issues

Hardware issue is the last type of reason you would want behind green screen on phones because these cannot be solved by you are more serious than software ones. Only professionals and service centres should deal with such type of issues because these could range anywhere from battery related issues to display related issues where a ribbon cable could have gone lose or has died.

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  1. ss m51 with android 12 got this error and volume down button doesnt work, just try active light mode and maximize brightness and active always on display(battery will drain faster but this is acceptable) , if your screen become dark(brightness decrease)-low batterry or phone turn off(power button,…), the error will occurr again but you can double tap screen many times and wait few minutes, if your battery is slow, charge it


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