Vodafone Idea iPhone Forever programme launched: Thing you should know

By: Rohan Pal, The Mobile Indian, New Delhi Last updated : February 26, 2019 6:21 pm

The existing or new iPhones users have to opt for Vodafone RED iPhone Forever Plan or Idea Nirvana iPhone Forever Plan that comes with a monthly rental of Rs 649.

Vodafone Idea has today announced the launch of a new offer for its postpaid users. Dubbed as iPhone Forever programme, both Vodafone and Idea postpaid customers will get a replacement, repair and upgrade services.


For this, Vodafone Idea has partnered with Servify, a global authorised service partner for Apple. Under this offer, the existing or new iPhones users have to opt for Vodafone RED iPhone Forever Plan or Idea Nirvana iPhone Forever Plan that comes with a monthly rental of Rs 649. Users then need to download an iForever application from the Apple App Store to register for the free iPhone Forever service.


Under this offer, customers will get replacement and repair, however, users have to pay a handling fee of Rs 2,000 plus GST, which is applicable for replacement or repair. Apart from this, users will get an option to upgrade to a newer iPhone model by paying for the differential amount (actual amount of new iPhone minus the exchange cost of old iPhone). The programme also offers 1-day express delivery available in 1500+ pin codes covering the top 20 cities. For an upgrade, iPhone which is not old than 18 months is valid for a replacement. However, once the time is over, users can only avail upgrade or repair services.




FAQS about the new programme:


1. It is still not clear whether the users need to pay the fixed amount of Rs 2,000 as handling fee every time they opt for a replacement or repair?

This is the only amount that a customer needs to pay. Generally, when an iPhone gets damaged, depending on the model, the repair costs can be anything upwards of Rs. 10000, however in this program a customer can get a like to like new device at just Rs. 2000 irrespective of the extent of the damage. Also, this amount only needs to be paid at the time of a repair or replacement. There are no costs involved in registering for the program and no monthly/yearly premiums. In case the customer does not request for upgrade/replacement/repair, there are no costs involved.


2. Customers cannot avail this offer within 21 days of activation. Furthermore, the company says that one can avail unlimited times of replacement or repair request for the iPhone, but there is a cooling period of 90 days. Does that mean that the customers need to wait for 90 days to raise another complaint?

Yes, there is a 90 days period between consecutive damage claims. This is only to prevent any possible misuse or abuse by customers since the cost of replacement/repair is negligible.


3. The terms and condition state that customers need to create a request within 72 hours of accidental damage. However, it does not specify whether the complaint will be registered if the timeline is more than 72 hours?

These are standard rules for any device insurance-related programs.


4. How is the exchange value of the older iPhone determined? What will happen when the customer will get a better deal from other players? Will the upgrade programme be still viable?

There is a diagnostic test which the customer needs to do at the time of upgrade, basis which the valuation of the device will be made. While the customer has a choice to upgrade his handset through any other channels, the iPhone forever program will offer the best upgrade prices on the best effort basis

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