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Videos are watched longer on tablets

The tablets succeeded in getting more views for videos perhaps for their bigger screens.

Tablet owners in general, and iPad owners in particular, are more likely to watch their videos for longer durations on their tablets. This was revealed by a study conducted by Ooyala, a company which provides video services to big brands.

According to the report, for every minute of video watched by the users on their desktops, they watched one minute and 17 seconds of video on their tablets.

“The tablet users were more likely to reach to the end of the videos they were watching on their tablets, whereas only 30 percent of viewers on desktops crossed more than a quarter of the video clip,” said the study. The research also suggested the mobile viewing of videos was mostly dominated by iOS based devices, though Android devices won in smartphones.

The tablets succeeded in getting more views for videos perhaps for their bigger screens though if that only was the reason, the Android devices should also have displayed larger views for videos. The iPad has simply been helped by the dominant market share enjoyed by it, though the number of videos being viewed are higher than its market share.

The market share is also because of selection of the apps. The iPad has access to such a large number of apps, users are more likely to find one app or the other which can be used to watch the videos. Even otherwise, the video viewing apps come to the iPad earlier than Android. For example, NetFlix took one year to come to tablet native video support whereas Hulu Plus still hasn’t arrived on the Android tablets.

There are new tablet makers are in queue, they must be keen to cash in on the popularity of the device now that Ooyala has confirmed what they always believed.

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