Unlike competitors all our ACs are made in India: LG

By: Sandeep Budki, The Mobile Indian, New Delhi Last updated : March 14, 2019 1:59 pm

LG has launched 54 new air conditioners for the Indian market and also plan to scale up their after service. We recently caught up with the LG spokesperson to understand what customers can expect from the company in 2019.

LG recently announced the launch of 54 new dual cool inverter air conditioners in India. The price starts at Rs 31,990 and goes upto Rs 69,990. The new models come with a 5 and 3-star rating from the Bureau Energy Efficiency (BEE). At the launch event, we caught up Kulbhushan Bhardwaj, Business Head Room AC, LG India to know more about LG 's roadmap for India.


Here excerpts of the video interview. To watch the complete interview check out the video below.




What is your outlook for the AC market in India?

 In the last few years steady growth in demand for Ac across India.
LG plans to launch 54 air conditioners in India this year. What's the break up between 3 Star and 5 Star?
We will launch 20 ACs with 3 Star Rating and 34 with 5 Star rating.
How many 5-star ACs do you plan to sell this year?
Of the total sales number which we plan to achieve this year 70% of them will be 5 Star ACs.
Why is the cost of Inverter ACs still high in India?
As a matter of fact, the cost of Inverter ACs have drastically come down in the last four years and we are hopeful going forward it will reduce further.
One of your competitors doesn't sell window ACs any more. Do you also plan to do the same?
Demand for Window ACs have dropped off significantly in the last few years but in North India, there is still 30% demand for it and we will cater to those customers. In 2019 we are launching eight new window ACS which will be based on dual inverter technology.
People leaving in Coastal areas face the problem of changing their AC almost every year due to climatic conditions. How is LG planning to address there concern?
 Yes, it is true that people living near coastal areas have to change their ACs frequently due to salt corrosion but our new line up of air conditioner takes care of that. Our ACs can run in coastal areas without and corrosion for 3- 4years. 
If a customers AC's takes a long time to get repaired. Do you provide a standby AC?
Yes, in case a repair of AC is going to take 2 or 3 days we provide customers with a standby unit. Also, unlike some of our competitors who import Acs we manufacture all of them in India and as a result never have an issue with spare parts.



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