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Sony PlayStation 5 moniker confirmed, release set for Holiday 2020

PlayStation 5 will debut during Holiday 2020 with new controllers supporting haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, USB-C port and larger battery.

Sony has confirmed that its next-generation gaming console will indeed be named PlayStation 5 and has revealed that the console will debut during Holiday 2020. The Playstation 5 will be the first major console launch from Sony after the company unveiled the Playstation 4 Pro and PS4 Slim in 2017.

Haptic feedback

The company has also disclosed that the upcoming console will come with new controllers that support haptic feedback, which will be an improved version of rumble technology. Sony says “With haptics, you truly feel a broader range of feedback, so crashing into a wall in a race car feels much different than making a tackle on the football field. You can even get a sense for a variety of textures when running through fields of grass or plodding through the mud”.

It’s believed that the new controller will resemble that of the DualShock 4 controller which comes bundled with the PS4.

Adaptive triggers

Another change in the controller will be adaptive triggers which Sony says will allow developers to “program the resistance of the triggers” to allow users feel the tension when “drawing a bow and arrow or accelerating an off-road vehicle through rocky terrain”.

The PS5 controller will charge through a USB-C port and will come loaded with a larger battery and better in-built speakers.

SSD storage

Speaking to Wired, PlayStation architect Mark Cerny said that the PS5 will equip a custom-made SSSD for eliminating load times. The report says that a sequence in Spider-Man took only a second to load on the Playstation 5 while the PS4 Pro took 15 seconds to load the same.

Cerny also said that with SSDs, developers will be able to create more detailed worlds in games with limited storage or shrink game sizes altogether. Game downloads will be more configurable allowing users to download the data that is needed for single-player or multiplayer purposes individually.

New home screen and software

Also new on Playstation 5 will be a new user interface which will offer more elements on the home screen with social sharing benefits. Sony says that soon users will be able to launch directly into a specific mode of the game without needing to first launch the game and select their desired round.

Early rumours suggest that the PlayStation 5 will be powered by a 3rd Generation AMD Ryzen processor with a custom graphics based on AMD Radeon Navi. The console will come with 3D audio technology, 8K and 4K at 120Hz gaming support.

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