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Snapchat Spectacles 3: What’s so special about it?

The latest smart glasses come with a host of interesting features and the Spectacles 3 price in India is Rs 29,999.

Snap, the company behind the famous Snapchat app, has introduced its new Spectacles 3 smart glasses in India. The latest smart glasses come with a host of interesting features and the Spectacles 3 price in India is Rs 29,999.

Snapchat Spectacles 3 offers a mix of style and technology. The smart AR glasses are used to capture videos and photos, which you can share with the world with a few simple steps. That said, does it make sense to spend a whopping Rs 30,000 for Spectacles 3. Let’s look closer.

What so special about Spectacles 3 design?

The Spectacles 3 looks are not your normal pair of glasses. The smart glasses come with two cameras on each side of the frame through which you can capture videos and 3D photos with each. The third-generation of Spectacles comes with a metal frame, which is available in two colour options: Black and Gold. The frame is a bit heavy as it houses all the components required to make it smart. The smart glasses come with a retro design and it is quite easy to carry them with the help of a case. There is a ring light on the camera lens, which lights up when you are taking photos or recording videos.

Spectacles 3

The Spectacles 3 houses two buttons on each side of the frame. One can press it to record a 10-second video clip and one can press and hold to capture a 3D image. One can also record up to 60 seconds by pressing the button five times. The glasses also come with four microphones so that you can easily record audio as well.

What are the features of Spectacles 3?

The two cameras on the Spectacles do the real work. The cameras allow users to create AR content in a format, which the brand says is 3D Snaps. The second camera captures the depth, which is required to make 3D photos. The photos are stored at a of 1,642 by 1,642 pixels and video resolution is 1,216 x 1,216 pixels. Once you start recording the video, the LED light will start blinking so that users will be aware that you are recording the video or taking photos.

However, the device cannot work independently. It requires a Snapchat to perform most of the functions. Pairing the glasses is easy and the content is transferred to the smartphone via a WiFi connection and it is stored in the Memories section of the Snapchat app. One can simply apply AR filters, edit them, add text and more do more on the Snapchat app. Furthermore, one can share it to other platforms by simply exporting the content from the app. One can also use it for videos. The Spectacles 3 come with a Google Cardboard-like CR viewer through which you can see the immersive videos.

What is the configuration of Spectacles 3?

Spectacles 3

It comes with 4GB flash storage, which can store up to 100 3D videos or 1,200 3D photos. The Spectacles 3 are and it comes with ANSI Z80.3 rated lenses. The lenses are tinted for 100 per cent UVA and UVB protection. The device can capture and sync up to 70 videos per charge and it takes 75 minutes to get fully charged. One can charge the glasses through the leather case that comes bundled with the device. The case can provide up to 4 charges.

So, should one buy Spectacles 3?

Spectacles 3 is not just a regular pair of glasses. The smart glasses are meant for a very specific user base including influencers and more. If you are on Snapchat and want to make rich AR content, then Spectacles 3 is meant for you, provided that you are willing to pay Rs 30,000 for it. For normal people, it could prove to be an expensive affair as the whole concept of AR is in the early stages and the acceptance of the technology in India is really low. So, it does not make sense to buy a Spectacles 3 if you want to use it for daily purposes.

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