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Should Gamers consider buying TWS earphones?

Should gamers consider buying the TWS earphones? Let’s try and argue.

The true wireless earbuds or category has seen a sudden influx with multiple companies launching its TWS products almost every day. We have also seen big companies like Apple, Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Vivo, Oppo, Realme and more bringing out the true wireless earbuds at different price points.

With this, the TWS is now considered as the future of portable audio products. The wireless earbuds or TWS earphones are highly portable and they provide good sound quality, which sure seems to be comparable with the traditional wired headsets. However, in usual scenarios, one might think that wireless earbuds are a better option than standard wired headsets. But, some argue that it is still not perfect for gaming needs. That said, we have seen multiple companies that have brought wireless earbuds with dedicated gaming features. The question here is, should gamers consider buying the TWS earphones? Let’s try and argue.

Wireless earbuds give you freedom

The wireless earbuds are designed to keep portability in mind. This means that they are lightweight and one can wear for a more extended time as compared to the wired earphones. Furthermore, the TWS earphones can be connected to any Bluetooth-enabled device like smartphones, PC, consoles and more so that you get easily play the games without taking too much tension about those long wires attaching to the headsets. In terms of portability, the TWS earphones surely look like a good option for the gamers as they can move around a little bit, especially, if you are gaming on a smartphone.

TWS earphones are not dependable for long battery life

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Although the TWS earphones are highly portable, this can also be a drawback. This is primarily because all the TWS earbuds run on battery and most of the earbuds last for two to three hours if you are continuously playing the game. This is where wired earphones or headsets are much better as so simply don’t have to worry about the limited battery life and gamers can easily play their favourite games as long as they want. But, this is just not possible with the TWS earphones.

Audio Lag issue with TWS

Most of the users who have used TWS earphones for gaming have reported that there is a certain lag in the audio. This is primarily because is not a reliable option for fast transfer of data as compared to other mediums. This causes a slight lag in the audio coming from the earbuds and on-screen action happening in the game. This is why not every gamer likes TWS earbuds for gameplay as it often results in lagging audio experience. But this is not true for every TWS earbuds. Some companies like Realme, Xiaomi and more are offering low-latency gaming mode to solve this issue. The mode helps to synchronize the audio and on-screen gameplay, which results in a better gaming experience. So, gamers should go for those TWS earphones that have low-latency gaming mode.

So, should gamers need to invest in TWS earphones?

The answer depends on what type of gamer you are. If you are an occasional gamer and you mainly play games on your smartphones, then investing in TWS earphones is a good option. However, if you are an avid gamer and you like to play video games on different platforms like PC, console and more, TWS earphones might not be best suited for you.

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