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Samsung unveils foldable displays

The new foldable displays help reduce size of the gadgets and shows no sign of damage even after opening and closing for 100,000 times.

Samsung has created a new foldable touchscreen displays that would allow the smartphone to have a tablet like bigger screen without sullying your view with creases.

Advanced Institute of technology research at Samsung Korea has revealed the prototype of a device with a folding touchscreen display.

With the folded screens, a smaller phone that used to house a 3.5 inch display would be able to house a double size screen.

As reported by physorg.com, these displays have been tested for over 1 lakh folding cycles and after that they show a difference of 6 per cent when compared to new screens.

The technology behind the making of the folding touchscreens is not magic but clever use of technology which Samsung pioneers in. To make this folding display a possibility, Samsung has used two totally different independent displays controlled by a display controller and joined them using a flexible materiel like silicon glue.

With use of this technology, smartphones and tablets will definitely get a size advantage where in device will now be smaller than the display. Also Smaller display will help in making device more sturdy while to some extent reducing the cost of manufacturing also.

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