Realme: We mostly operate in less than 3 percent profit margin

By: Sandeep Budki, , Last updated : August 13, 2018 5:31 pm

Realme is on track to establish an independent identity in India. Will it succeed?

Realme, which till recently was a sub-brand of Oppo, is all set to have an independent identity. The brand has got a decent start in the Indian smartphone market with the launch of Realme 1 and looks forward to launching four more smartphones by March 2019 in the price bracket of Rs 8,000 - Rs 20.000.


 We recently caught up with Madhav Seth, Chief Executive Officer, Realme India to know more about the company's future product portfolio and what can consumers accept from them.



Excerpts from the interview:


Why did Realme decide to part ways with Oppo?

We have the same DNA, but our approach is different.  We are targetting a different set of users and for that, we needed an independent identity. Also, our ideology is different


BBK is an investor in Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus and Realme? Do they interfere in your working?

They are a pure investor and don't interfere in our day to day working or product development. we can run our company as per our strategy and vision.


After separation from Oppo will Realme have independent service centres and manufacturing unit?

No. We will continue to use Oppo's 500 Plus service centres and Manufacturing unit. 


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What is the profit margin in which Realme operates?

We mostly operate with a profit margin of less than 3 percent. We plan to continue with the same.


You have adopted the same strategy as other brands for selling your smartphone. Sell in on an online portal and after a few minutes flash a message " device is sold out." How are you different?

We always wanted to sell our smartphones in an open sale model but the tremendous response we got from customers made it appear like a flash sale. Going forward we will try to inform customers how many units are we putting up for sale.


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