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PS4 vs PS4 Slim vs PS4 Pro

Sony has launched two new models of PlayStation 4,Pro and Slim and as expected people are getting confused as to which model to choose.

As of now, PlayStation has four home video gaming consoles- PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4. It came out with the PS4 in the year 2014 with a bang. Now, Sony has launched two new models of PlayStation 4,Pro and Slim and as expected people are getting confused as to which model to choose?
Should they stick with the original or should they go for the low-end Slim or the high-end Pro? Sadly, these two models are not available in India, so one will have to order them from offshore. So is the hassle worth it? Is the upgrade worth it? To help you making a well-informed choice we are comparing the three models of the PS4 .

Price and Availability

First, let’s talk about the availability. The PS4 is available worldwide, in the Indian market 500GB version of PS4 is available for Rs 26,000. In the international market, it has a price tag of around Rs 19,350. The reason for the disparity is that in the international market Pro, as well as Slim, have been launched which resulted in the price of PS4.
On the other hand, PS4 Slim isn’t available in India and can only be brought from the US for around Rs 18,074 or $269. Even PS4 Pro has not hit the India shores but if you want to but it from abroad you will have to pay around Rs 26,808.

Controllers and Input Slots

Now let’s move on to the controllers and the source slots. The PS4 features an all new controller packing while it looks a little bit like the old version it fits in your hand even better than the previous PS3 one.

It has got vibration sensors inside which provide enhanced rumble or vibration experience during gameplay. There is a light bar on the front which will communicate the status information of the player in the game, for example, it changes colour or blinks when the health bar is low.

There is a touchpad on the controller as well which can be used in games like the Killzone for controlling your drone in the game.

The power cable doesn’t include a separate power brick to power your PS4 unlike the XBOX as it is inbuilt. One also gets a generic PlayStation earphone along with the unit for chatting online while playing multiplayer games with your friends. It has two USB slots on the front for charging your controllers or for connecting flash drives. At the back, there is an HDMI cable slot, power cable slot, a LAN port, two more USB slots and a slot for the PS4 camera(sold separately).

As far as, PS4 Slim is concerned there is no power brick again, but the controller has now been slightly modified. The light now bleeds to the touchpad itself from the backlight.

While all the other slots are same as the original PS4, except camera slot which is not available. If one desires adapter for the PlayStation camera can be purchased separately for Rs 2350.

In PS4 Pro, all the wires, HDMI cable, power cable, earphone, ports are all the same as that of the original PS4. It comes with the PS4 Slim controller.


PS4 console has a very sleek and edgy design. It has a dual-tone texture which is a mix of glossy and matt finish. Coming to the PS4 Slim, it is a lot smaller than the PS4. There is no more of that half glossy black and half matte finish, it’s pure matte black, but don’t go on the images you have seen online, it looks and feels a lot better in person. It kind of looks like someone took an original PS4 and chopped off the top half of it, but the big difference is in the height as compared to PS4. The PS4 Pro, on the other hand, is huge and heavy as it weighs a whopping 3KG. It looks like a triple style sandwich.

In the original PS4, you have got the capacitive button on the front for power and a disc eject button on the bottom, but its placement is quite annoying as it could be accidentally pressed.

It seems that Sony is aware of this issue because for both Slim and Pro they have got rid of the capacitive buttons and have replaced them with physical ones.

Operating System

In terms of running operations, the PS4 packs 8 cores of computing power as well as 8 GB of DDR-5 memory, 500 GB built-in hard drive a Blu-Ray disc drive on the front of the console which causes a lot of noise and might cause you to think it is broken, but don’t worry its fine .

Navigating through the PS4, PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro, the menu on the TV would be a familiar experience for those switching to PS4 from PS3 as you have the left to right navigation on the menu and for those who never have experienced on the PS3, this is very simple.

In PS4 Slim, the interesting thing about it is that unlike its Xbox counterpart it doesn’t support Blu-Ray while the XBOX One S does, but there is an update for supporting HDR(high display resolution) although it now also available on the original PS4. It has a got 5400 RPM hard drive what you would find in the original PS4. It also packs 8 cores of computing power as well as 8 GB of DDR-5 memory, 500 GB built-in hard drive similar to that of the original PS4. All in all, PS4 Slim is basically what you would expect from a slim console. The only major difference you will notice is the sound, the original PS4 made a lot of sound due to the Blu-Ray drive. In the slim model, there is minimum noise from the PS4 Slim due to its elimination of the Blu-Ray drive.

In PS4 Pro, the only downfall is that unlike the XBOX One S which supports an Ultra HD Blu-Ray, PS4 Pro uses a standard Blu-Ray Player which is kind of weird as Sony owns Blu-Ray. Still, it supports a 5400 RPM hard drive and comes with a 1TB in-built hard drive, again it is going to be a lot louder than the PS4 Slim. For a $100 more than the Slim you are getting a 1TB hard drive, however, the bigger upgrade is in the spec department. It has a slightly faster CPU from the graphic. It also packs 8 cores of computing power as well as 8 GB of DDR-5 memory, 500 GB built-in hard drive similar to that of the original PS4.

Finally, which one to go for? Well, it completely depends on what is your personal choice. However, if you haven’t jumped on the PS4 bandwagon yet, it gets a little bit more complicated. If you don’t have a 4K TV the PS4 Slim is fine, however, the PS4 Pro has certain upgrades in performance even on a normal TV, but still all in all PS4 Slim is a solid console. On the other hand, PS4 Pro has a more powerful system.

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