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Philips launches new urban living series Air Purifiers

Philips has launched a new series of air purifiers for India as air purifiers continue to become a necessity these days.

Air Purifiers have become essential in today’s times and Phillips is now launching a New Urban Living Series, air purifiers designed for urban homes. The New Urban Living Series starts at Rs 17,500.

New Urban living series air purifiers are suitable for room sizes ranging from small to medium bedroom and living room area and will be available in three series: 3000i, 2000i and 1000. Series 3000i and 2000i are smart purifiers that can be controlled through the Clean Home+ app, Alexa and Siri.

As for the model details, the new Philips Urban Living Series Air Purifier range is AC1758 for the Series 1000, AC2958 and AC2959 for the Series 2000i and AC3059 for the Series 3000i

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The new series is equipped with ­AeraSense ­­and ­VitaShield Intelligent Purification System technology, removing 99.97% indoor air pollutants up to 0.003 microns according to phillips.

As per Phillips, the new series of air purifiers will be effective against not just PM2.5, smoke, dust, pollen allergen, bacteria but will also remove 99.9% viruses from the air.

In series 3000i, the clean air delivery rate is of 400m3/hr, for series 2000 it is 330m3/hr and for series 1000 it is 300m3/hr. You can also check the status of the Air Purifier with just a click of a butron.

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