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Panasonic introduces StainMaster washing Machine in India, price starts at Rs 21,990

By: The Mobile Indian network, New Delhi Last updated : May 12, 2017 5:15 pm

Starting from Rs. 21,990 onwards, the models come in four capacities and are available across all markets.
Panasonic has introduced a new series of front loading washing machine known has StainMaster. The series consist of 10 kg capacity ECONAVI washing machines - NA-140VX3 and 8 kg capacity NA-148VX3 washing machines. Starting from Rs. 21,990 onwards, the models come in four capacities and are available across all markets.
The major highlight of the washing machine is the new ‘Curry mode’ which helps remove stains such as curry, sauce and oil stains. The appliances come loaded with ‘StainMaster’ technology, which is programmed to get rid of 23 stains, the most common and persistent stains, including sweat, curry, sauce, oil, lipstick, coffee, oil and wine. Furthermore, the machine has 15 different modes.  
This new range features easy to read LCD screens.  Other features include low-vibration which reduces noise during the wash cycle and a water supply system uses five multi-directional showers. Simultaneously, it holds a distinctive attribute of new Sazanami Drum to thoroughly remove dirt.
Previously, Panasonic introduced a new series along air conditioners known as Sky series with two ACs, one with 1.5 tonnage capacity and one with 1 tonnage capacity with an asking price of around Rs 85,200 and Rs 70,200 respectively across the country from March 1st, 2017. 
The major highlight of the air conditioners is that it comes with an air purifier pre-installed. The AC comes with three stages of air purification. There is a catechin filter which deactivates odour causing bacteria. Then there NANOE-G technology, which basically releases 3 trillion ions, which are getting attached to the PM 2.5 particles and then drain it outside, so that a user can get a clean air. And lastly, the PM 2.5 filter, removes all the pollutants from the air to provide a cleaner air.

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