OnePlus 8 Pro units are marred with green screen tint and black crush issue

By: Rohan Pal, The Mobile Indian, New Delhi Last updated : April 24, 2020 11:53 am

The latest OnePlus 8 Pro is showing a green tint or black crush issues at low brightness

OnePlus recently announced the launch of its latest flagship smartphones, the OnePlus 8 Pro and OnePlus 8. The company termed the OnePlus 8 Pro to feature one of the best display in the industry. However, it seems that certain OnePlus 8 Pro units are suffering from green tint and black crush issue, which raises some eyebrows on the claim. 


As per multiple users on OnePlus Community Forums, the latest OnePlus 8 Pro is showing a green tint or black crush issues at low brightness. A user on OnePlus Community forums demonstrated the issue by comparing it with the Galaxy Note 10+. The side-by-side comparison shows that the OnePlus 8 Pro screen shows green tint in low brightness. Interestingly, users can fix this issue by turning on the DC Dimming feature. 


Oneplus 8 pro



Users can go to Utilities > OnePlus Laboratory > DC Dimming. However, this will result in another issue known as a black crush. This means that the display is not able to show the shades of dark accurately, which results in grainy or pixelated picture blocks of black. Furthermore, multiple OnePlus users have reported that their display is also showing short-term image retention issue and dark horizontal lines on a level with punch-hole cutout.


OnePlus has acknowledged this problem and in a statement to Android Police, it said: “OnePlus values user feedback and is committed to delivering the best smartphone experience. Our team is currently investigating these reports to identify the best solutions for our users, and we will issue updates as soon as they are ready.”


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