No change? Get Vodafone recharge instead

By: Prasoon Kumar, The Mobile Indian, New Delhi Last updated : August 16, 2018 7:40 pm

The small businesses offer different goods priced at Rs 1 and 2 anyway to their customers, and the latest offering from Vodafone steps in to make their lives easier.
In an innovative move, Vodafone Chennai has introduced 'Chillarai Recharge' for the Tamil Nadu based prepaid customers. This recharge comes in smaller denominations of Rs 1 and Rs 2 only, which the small businesses or retailers can use to give their customers when they don't have change.

Suresh Kumar, chief operating officer and circle head, Vodafone Essar Tamil Nadu said, "Chillarai recharge is an innovative and revolutionary approach to maximise every penny. We at Vodafone have always sought every possible means to assist our customers and Chillarai recharge is one such unique offering. It will not only cut out unwanted applications of the chilara (change) but will also come handy when it comes to instant recharges."

The customers get 10 local Vodafone night minutes valid for a day for a Rs 1 recharge whereas they get 20 local Vodafone night minutes between 10 pm and 8 am valid for a day for the Rs 2 recharge.
These recharge coupons are intended to make everyday transactions simpler for the Tamil Nadu customers by enabling them to utilise their money better.

In everyday life, the small businesses anyway offer different goods priced at Rupee 1 or Rs 2 whenever they don't have change. Vodafone intends to make it easier by offering recharges priced at Rs 1 and Rs 2.

Another Vodafone official clarified that this was the first time such a small denomination recharge was being offered to the customers. The shopkeepers can transfer Rupee 1 and Rupee 2 recharges using their usual Vodafone phones.

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