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Manage your Facebook friends with Katango

The app creators have simply taken an existing product, Facebook, and have tried to solve one of its inherent problems. Google+ allows the users to do the same, so they can separate friends into different groups.

Managing friends on Facebook is one of the biggest problems most of face today. A new startup, Katango has now brought a free which uses an algorithm to categorise the Facebook friends of the users.

The categorisation is done on the basis of various criteria such as schools the users went to, friends of friends and of course the location of the users. The Katango app tries to solve the same problem which Google+ also attempts to solve. Users can’t share the same pictures with their college friends and close family members, they would like to keep these two worlds apart.

Google+ allows the users to do the same, so they can separate friends into different groups, such as colleagues and college pals and close family so one group can be kept separate from the other.

Currently, the app, Katango can only be used on Facebook on iPhone. The company, however, intends to increase its product offering to Twitter and LinkedIn as well.

This is surprising how the app has just arrived at the same time when Google Circles has also been released in the market. It does not seem to be a reaction only as it appears a lot of hard work has gone into creating the app, which involves an algorithmic approach to managing users’ Facebook contacts.

To some extent, Katango takes a look at the problem and solves it by coming up with a computer programme. Google Circles simply knows that the problem would arrive later, and allows the users to manage their contacts before they become unmanageable.

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