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Limit on SMS and alternative solutions

TRAI has put a limit of 100 SMSes per day per user from tomorrow. Here we have the best ways of working around the barrier.

In order to curb spam messages, TRAI (Telecom regulatory Authority of India) has asked mobile operators to limit the number of SMSes per user per day to 100. The idea is that unregistered marketers will not be able to justify the time and effort to send SMSes to just 100 people and will therefore stop using it as a medium of advertising.

However, in doing so the regulator has put curbs on the normal heavy users of services (typically college kids) who use it to connect with friends, or on professionals who use SMSes for work related co-ordination.

But that’s not the question to be asked now. The decision has been taken and will be implemented, and let’s hope that it meets the desired end and gives us some respite from unwanted SMSes. And for those who send a lot of SMSes, there are still ways to send more than 100.

Especially during the festive season, which is not far ahead, many people will be able to use the ideas mentioned here:

The first and obvious one is to have two cards (using dual SIM phones will be easier) and use both the SIMs to send messages, so you can send 200 messages a day.

However, an easier and more cost effective way is to use web to mobile SMS services like way2SMS.com, 160by2.com, fullonsms.com and whozzat.com. And the good news is that you can access these sites through your mobile’s to send SMSes to groups or individuals free of cost without any limits. All you have to contend with are ads that go along with your SMSes.

These sites send ads after your message and are non-intrusive, and the SMS will be received in your number and name (if it is saved in your friends’ phone). Some of these services like 160by2 have also launched applications for mobiles so it is as easy as sending it from the inbox.

There are also some services like the SMSGupsup, which is social networking through SMS, and allows you to send group messages without any charge. It is one of the largest social networking platforms in India, and has some very useful features. You can read this story for more on SMSgupshup.

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