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Li-Fi, cheaper, safer alternative to Wi-Fi

Through use of light waves data up to 150 Mbps could be transmitted.

Scientist in China have discovered a new way of transmitting data through the use of light instead of radio waves as is being used in WiFi. Named as Li-Fi, the system claims to offer data transfer speed of up to 150 megabits which is almost similar to a generic WiFi system commonly used in homes and offices.
Li-Fi, cheaper, safer alternative to Wi-Fi
It is said to be cheaper than a WiFi system in terms of hardware apart from reducing level of radio waves that humans are exposed to with the use of high power WiFi systems. Li-Fi system is a combination of infrared based data transfer system and optical fiber based system in one.

A disadvantage of Li-Fi is that in this system the receiver always have to face the transmitter to receive data and since a normal wavelength based light would be used, it might be a source of distraction for users.

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