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LG is Enhancing TV and Soundbar Synergy: Young Hwan Jung

LG Electronics India has announced the launch of its new 2024 soundbar lineup, aiming to deliver an enhanced and immersive audio experience. The latest models include the SQ75TR, SG10Y, SQ70TY, S77TY, and S65TR. These soundbars are designed to work seamlessly with LG TVs, leveraging the TV’s speakers and the soundbar for a superior audio experience.

Synergizing TV and Soundbar Power

Young Hwan Jung, Director of Home Entertainment at LG Electronics India, emphasized LG’s approach to its soundbars. “In most cases, when we connect soundbars to TVs, the TV speakers go dead. At LG, we want to synergize the power of the TV’s speaker and soundbar to give users an immersive experience by utilizing both outputs,” Jung said to The Mobile Indian. He added that this feature, previously available only in premium LG TVs, will now be extended to more models across different price brackets.

Compatibility and Customization

Jung also highlighted that while LG soundbars are compatible with non-LG TVs, the synergy is optimized with LG TVs due to technology, providing a more cinematic experience. He noted that consumers typically prefer buying soundbars and TVs of the same brand for optimal performance.

Additionally, he added that LG plans to introduce a customized sound signature to its soundbars soon, tailored to the preferences of the Indian audience.

Advanced Features and Design

LG’s new soundbar models feature the proprietary WOW interface, which the company claims offers an intuitive and user-friendly means of managing soundbar settings and synchronizing sound modes with LG TVs.

These soundbars are also equipped with LG Room Calibration, which analyzes the room environment and adjusts audio settings to harmonize with the room’s acoustics. In 2024, this technology has been enhanced to include the calibration of rear surround speakers as well.

Also, since the new LG soundbars support wireless connectivity, instead of using technology for wireless connectivity between the soundbar and TV, LG employs its in-house technology called “WOWCAST.” This ensures superior sound quality without any compromise, delivering lossless audio even when playing Dolby Atmos content, claims LG.

Specific Models and Features

  • S70TY: Ideal for LG QNED TVs, featuring the industry’s first center up-firing speaker for improved voice clarity and an angled design for optimal alignment with the TV screen. A dedicated bracket allows for various mounting options without additional drilling.
  • S65TR and SQ75TR: Offer 600W output with rear speakers that don’t require a separate receiver box, providing a clutter-free setup. The S65TR has a 5.1 channel configuration, while the SQ75TR enhances this with a 5.1.1 channel setup and AI Sound Pro for intelligent sound adjustment.


The new soundbars are priced as follows:

  • SQ75TR: Rs 44,990
  • SG10TY: Rs 54,990
  • SQ70TY: Rs 34,990
  • S65TR: Rs 29,990
  • S77TY: Rs 34,990

Future Plans

In addition to the improvements aimed at enhancing the audio experience, LG has also focused on aesthetics. The soundbars come with customized brackets that can be used to attach them to select LG TVs without the need for any additional drilling. LG had also included this feature in the soundbars that were launched in 2023.

When asked about the possibility of creating soundbars with universal brackets for TVs from other brands, Abhiral Bhansali, Business Head of Home Entertainment at LG India, stated that there are no current plans due to the diverse bracket designs used by different brands.

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