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Latest Apple OS supports new technology to reduce network congestion

Tests conducted by Nokia Siemens Networks confirm that Apple's latest OS supports Network Controlled Fast Dormancy technology which reduces network congestion and improves battery life.

If network congestion, call drops and poor battery life are problems you face with your smartphone, the Network Controlled Fast Dormancy (NCFD) technology has good news for you.
With this feature, the network and handset work together to create the best conditions for smartphones to work fast while minimising network congestion and preserving battery life.
Tests conducted by Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) have revealed that Apple’s latest iPhone software supports NCFD.
The problem, believes NSN, lies in the numerous signals that smartphones generate. When a smartphone is left unused for some time, it goes into idle state. Then when someone wants to use it, the device has to exchange about 30 signals with the network before it becomes active again.
Also, applications such as those used for checking email, updating one’s Facebook status, or posting the latest game score online, need the smartphone to connect to the network every few seconds, which could cause network congestion and reduce battery life.
NCFD technology works by keeping smartphones in a state called Cell_PCH. In this state smartphones use no more power than they do while in Idle state and then need to communicate only between three and 12 signals to become active again. Fewer signals mean that the smartphone can become active within half a second while reducing network congestion.
Apart from that, elimination of extra signaling activity results in the smartphone’s battery lasting longer.

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