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Israel’s Watergen to bring water-from-air technology products in India

Watergen has announced its partnership with SMV Jaipuria Group to bring its global patented technology to India.

Watergen, an Israel-based company which has successfully developed technology that generates drinking water from the air. The company today announced its strategic joint venture with SMV Jaipuria Group to bring its global patented technology to India.

Watergen SMV Jaipuria Group Partnership

Through this partnership, the entities will introduce its Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG) product categories in India–that creates high quality, mineralized, safe-drinking water out of ambient air, everywhere. Additionally, to support the Government’s ‘Make in India’ vision by proliferating job opportunities, the companies shared their plans to launch a manufacturing unit in India within a year of starting operations.

The company showcased its wide range of Watergen products, consisting of: GENNY, GEN-M1, GEN-M PRO and GEN-L. With their capacities ranging from 30 to up to 6,000 liters per day, the pricing of these products is estimated to start from INR 2.5 lakhs. These products will be ideal for schools, hospitals, parks, resorts, construction sites, temporary localities, villages, residential buildings, homes, offices and any other place where drinking water is required.

Its plug and play technology can be easily installed using a standard electricity connection or any alternative energy sources. With devices deployed in more than 90+ countries around the world, Watergen eliminates the need for infrastructure, transporting water and its commuting traffic, which eventually reduces plastic waste and eradicates carbon-intensive water supply systems.

Key product highlights are as follows:

●      Unique and Innovative: Creates water from humidity in the air, an unlimited completely free source of water

●      Premium Mineralized Drinking Water Quality: Complies with all Food Grade standards and provides added minerals

●      New Water Source: Creates a completely new drinking water source from the air around us- preserving the natural water sources, adding water to the world

●      Scalable Structure: Patented GENius heat exchanger, can be configured to any size and supports a wide range of water production needs

●      Energy Efficient & Cost-Effective: Watergen’s GENius technology allows to produce 5 liters of mineralized drinking water with 1 KWH in a wide range of climatic conditions starting from 20% humidity

●      Eco-friendly/Sustainable: Products are environment friendly, reduces dependence on plastic water bottles, 5-gallon solution as well as eliminates the need for infrastructure, transporting water, commuting traffic, thus saving on logistics and storage costs.

●      Global Industry Recognition and Certification: Watergen is the first AWG manufacturer to comply with American standards ASSE LEC 2004. All products comply with EPA, NSF, and the Federal Drinking Water Standards

●      UN Sustainable Development (SD) Goals: Watergen has very high compliance with 13 out of 17 UNSD Goals

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