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Google Gemini to Introduce ‘Select Text’ Feature for Convenient Response Copying

Google may soon implement a small but significantly convenient feature in the Gemini app that would allow for easier response copying.

Google Gemini, like other chatbots, allows users to copy the responses it generates as a result of the users’ query but the user has to always copy the full response and not a part of it if he/she wants to. However, that may soon change as Google might be planning to introduce a new ‘Select Text’ feature in the Gemini app.

Spotted by AssembleDebug and shared by Android Authority, the new ‘Select Text’ feature in the Google Gemini will allow users to select just a desired portion of Gemini’s response and then copy and paste that specific selected text. This will essentially remove the inconvenience of copying the whole response first and then editing it later on according to user preference after pasting.

The new feature was spotted by enabling a hidden flag in the Gemini app, and once available, it can be found in the same spot where you currently find the “Copy text” tool in your chatbot conversation. Once you tap on ‘Select text’, it should potentially allow you to tap and hold on the text and drag your finger to the point where the text you want to copy ends, similar to how you copy text across the system.

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The same functionality is also available in the ChatGPT app and it works exactly like how Google Gemini is planning to implement the feature. Meanwhile, Google also seems to be working on some other features across its ecosystem of services, such as Satellite Connectivity support in Google Maps.

Google Maps may allow interaction with the satellites directly for enhanced communication in case of emergencies. According to evidence spotted inside the app, it will allow you to update your location in the app via satellite at 15-minute intervals, up to five times a day.

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