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Giving voice to your search

OnMobile's voice search service has handled more than 25 million requests.

OnMobile, a value added services [VAS] provider for phones and handheld devices, has created an M-search voice based search service for mobiles.

M-search is a handset independent music search solution applicable across voice, and WAP. With M-search users are able to search music in nine languages including English, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Bangla, Sinhala and Bahasa, and the company plans to add 21 more languages to the collection.

M-search is optimised to read dialects without being affected by the accent, which in a country like India changes every 100 kilometres.

OnMobile at present has deployed M-search on 13 telecom networks across India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Brazil with plans of expanding into other regions including Latin America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

M-search is flexible and can be deployed anywhere independent of which platform you are on. It is currently available as a voice search platform for content and a search service for caller ring back tones.

According to Arvind Rao, CEO, OnMobile, “As mobile technology shrinks frontiers by bringing diverse regions closer together, M-search helps maintain a personal connect between the music service and the subscriber.”

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