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Galaxy AI may be superior, but Samsung won’t abandon Bixby

Samsung won’t be giving up on Bixby anytime soon and has classified it as a feature within Galaxy AI.

Samsung has recently unveiled its new AI solution, Galaxy AI, which promises to provide users with a range of intelligent features that can enhance communication, productivity, and creativity on the Galaxy S24 series devices. Galaxy AI, which combines on-device and cloud processing, can perform tasks such as answering questions, editing images, and more. Despite the superiority of Galaxy AI, Samsung has reaffirmed its commitment towards Bixby.

Bixby, which was launched in 2017, has been struggling to compete with other voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant, especially as Samsung has integrated them into its products. In fact, now when Google will soon be integrating Bard with Assistant while OpenAI plans to offer ChatGPT as a digital assistant on Android, competition for Bixby is further going intensify where it might face formidable challenges in certain domains.

However, Samsung still has faith in Bixby and says that it will exist alongside Galaxy AI even though some of the Galaxy AI abilities cannibalise those of Bixby. In a Q&A session on the sidetracks of the Galaxy S24 series launch event, Samsung stated that Bixby is still active and will continue to grow, even positioning it as a feature within Galaxy AI.

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The company also mentioned during CES 2024 that AI would play a role in bridging SmartThings and Bixby, allowing Bixby to automatically route commands to relevant devices based on context and location.

For users, this means that Bixby will evolve, possibly leveraging Galaxy AI’s features for improved performance and personalised experiences at some point in the near future. Bixby might also gain new features that could help users interact with Galaxy AI’s powerful features. Bixby, empowered by Galaxy AI, could also become more intelligent and proactive, anticipating user needs and automating tasks. However, as of now, we can see it dying a slow death as Google Assistant with Bard and ChatGPT come into the picture.

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